July 13, 2010

At last!!!

Look at what came to the mail 5 minutes ago:

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July 9, 2010

TAU: Crisis Suits: PR/MP/MT

And for today... the main body of my tau army: the crisis suits... well, the first squad.

They are the guys who will bring combat to the enemy lines, jumpacking or deep stricking near the enemy.

When my tau army will be finished, I´ll have about 5 squad of this guys.

They are useful, with great and varied weaponery and lots of tricks under theis armoured sleeve.

What do I expect from them?

Well it does depend of the weapon loadout, so, in this case I expect this guys never to get bored, they got 2 high strength weapons, so when in close combat missile and plasma and for far targets and light vehicles they´ll use the missile pods in the classical Jump Shoot Jump (JSJ for the new guys) tau crisis suit way of fight.

In the last battle they blew up a blood angel dreadnought with a single salvo of missiles.

Here they are, they guys in armour, and again, the leader is the guy with white garments (if you look closely they got their unit number in the right leg (THEIR right leg), which is the bottom one, which means they are the crisis suit first team.

And in the other leg they got their rank in the squad, the leader got the white patch in the bottom plate, and the second and third guy got white-painted the second and third plate respectively.

Another shoot.

The last one.

And that is all for today.


July 1, 2010

TAU: XV25 Stealthsuits first squad

I still remember when the new tau codex was released.

At this time, I went to my local GW store and a staff guy assaulted me (yep, he gained +1 attack) when I was looking at the old stealth suits (the XV-15), and tried to convince me that the new stealthsuits were far way better than the old ones.

And as ever... I argued, and at last he ran off knowing he wasn´t going to convince me.

Yep, I think the old guys were great, fully encased into a power armour, and little enough to make the "stealthsuit" thing believable, but I have learnt to appreciate the new ones:

- Plastic minis... yay!!

- Poseable.

- They come with one fusion blaster and a markerlight drone.

- Easy to paint.

- Very distinctive shape.

So finally I got one squad painted and other squad pending.

I´ve been fantasizing about the possibilities of this guys, jumpacks, medium strength weapons, suit sistems... and there is one thing I want to test:

A full 6 squad man with the basic weapons and every one of them with a drone controller and 2 gun drones... 30 S5 shots wich can move up to 30 cm (12") and retreat in the assault phase.

Oh, and if you assault with them you get another 36 attacks (which being tau melee attacks aren´t an impressive thing, but they can pack a little punch to standard infantry).

The full squad of 6 guys.

The full six guys once again.
The full 6 guys one last time.
To observe the leader markings (white shoulderpad, as ever):

A detail of the fusion blaster.

A detail of the optics.