January 30, 2012

Ogre Ironguts third batch.

And here they are the banner bearer and the champion of the Ironguts unit.

First of all: the banner bearer.

He is the only which has his face covered, just to make him different.
The banner is painted with way more devlan mud than my usual ogre metallics and with a pair of white stripes along the banner.

I´ve painted the banner´s eyes red, just to simulate some kind of looted rubys.

This dude has a pretty soft pattern, cause he was yet filled with details (still the stones hanging of the banner have their own tribal paintings.

A close-up of the banner in all his monsterous glory.

And here is the boss, as you can notice, instead of metal studs, he sports some saphires in the weapon and the gutplate.
And also, as you can notice he is the only one with a metal "horn" in the helmet.
A different view of the guy.
Here you can better appreciate the paintings on the armour.
And here there are the paintings on his skin.
And the whole unit ready to pound anyone that stands in their way.
As I love this guys I will be including one unit of them in almost every list I make.
What do you think of this unit?


January 26, 2012

Ogre Ironguts second batch.

Here there is the second batch of Ironguts.

And a shot of their paintings.
Here is the bellower, wich has paintings in the shoulder as well as in the face.
A detail of the paintings on the face.
Triangles in the back and in the left hand and a pair of lines in the left arm.
Some weird pattern in the back and some triangles in the sword (I think this is the symbol I will be using in my ogres, a trio of mountains).
Some circles and dots in the back and some triangles in the triceps (if you take a closer look you will notice the little line and dots in the maul.

January 23, 2012

Ogre Ironguts first batch.

Here there are my first batch of Ironguts.

Thing is I love ironguts, the brutal feeling of their weapons, the crude helmets and his chainmailed gutplate gives them a bone-crushing-badass look that appeals me a lot.

I´ve tried to maximize the diversity of this dudes, that is why no one has the same arms/weapon combination.

Here is a shot on their backs.
As you can notice, this guys sports tribal paintings because I´ve made this paintings into a standart of my army.
And now: a closer look to the individual paintings.

Some triangles in the back for this guy.
Some neat-filled triangles around the neck of this one (if you notice, their weapons also have some paintings on them).
A line with a dot pattern for this one.
Some triangles in the triceps of this dude and some other triangles and dots in the left hand.

I´m quite proud of this guys, what do you think about them?.

January 19, 2012

Ogre Tyrant.

To be the general of my army and the first commander I paint I chose a tyrant.
I bought a finecast tyrant and I have to say it came pretty prefect except for the little detail that I had to use this head cause the other didn´t fit this arms.

I´ve opted for the heavy weapon because I like the brutal look this humongous weapon gives to the mini, and because this weapon attracts all the looks to this centerpiece.
Here in the back I have to do some tribal paintings, but still I haven´t find the pattern for the big boss.

What do you think of this dude?

January 16, 2012

Ogres, group shots.

There is a group shots of the ogres in previous post as a unit.

When I bought twelve ogres the idea was to have lots of possibilities, cause I can split them in units of 3 man, 4 man, 6 man, 9 man or even 12 man so they can fit multiple unit sizes.

There will be two standard bearers in a 12-man unit, but... ogres aren´t the most organized troops of all, hehehe.

January 12, 2012

Ogres, fourth batch.

And here is my (currently) last batch of ogres (ogre bulls, you know).

After I finished of paint the ogres I realized that they were quite "standard and boring" so I will be adding some tribal paints to them, and here is the results on the test mini:
They will be siple patterns cause the ogres aren´t Picasso you know, mostly lines and triangles around arms, face and back.

Tell me what do you think.


January 11, 2012

Imperial Ogre.

Hi all.

Do you remember that I told you that I´ve been gamesworkshoping since 1989 aprox?

Here I bring you a relic of better (and cheaper) times, a thing I´ve recently founded in a box: A Marauder Ogre.

As we have just landed into WHFB I will be painting an Ogre Kingdoms army as well as a Empire army from Middenheim, and this guy will be included in the Empire Greatsword, as a kind of cool and themed unit filler.
Ah, Marauder and his impressive ogres and dwarves...


January 9, 2012

Ogres, third batch.

Hi again!!

There are three more ogres.

This batch is armed with an iron fist.
Another perspective of the guys.
Here you can see how I weathered the iron fists, the guy on the left was painted with boltgun metal, heavy washed badab black and then highlighted with with mithril silver, the guy on the right was basecoated boltgun metal, heavy washed badab black, drybrushed and pointed with mithril silver, then washed with devlan mud so it has a older look on it.
Personally, for the ogres I like the old look way more.

Comments and criticism is welcome as ever.

January 5, 2012

Ogres, second batch.

Here there is the second batch of ogres.

This is the command group of the previous batch of ogres, although the will be used as standard ogres too in a mix of 6-man units to for a bigger unit.

Banners are not finished because I don´t know how to do them...

This is a close-up of the standard bearer.
I´ve discovered a way to paint blonde hair and I like the results. What do you think?
Here you can see that the musician and the other guy have a different final highlight in the skin, that is due they were two of my first ogre minis so they are, as I said in the previous post "controlled" test minis.

What do you think of them???

January 2, 2012

Ogres, first batch.

Happy new year everyone!!!!

For today´s post I want to show you three of the ogres I´ve been painting.

I´ve used the bulls as controlled test minis (controlled because they are painted in a way that they would be used in my army instead of being repainted).

The dudes on this batch are equipped with an additional close-combat weapon.

And of course the bases are a bit more elaborated than my usual 40k bases :)

What do you think??