July 31, 2013

Necron canoptek spider, a training session.

Hi guys, today I bring you photos of one of my latest training sessions :D

There it is a necron canoptek spider completed, but let´s take a look at what I´ve done (or tried).

First of all I tried to make some energy lines in the carapace, mask them and paint the rest red, but the mask stuck so strong that the intended effect was removed from place, hence it was finally painted red and from purely frustration I used agrax earthshade in the crevasses instead of making any kind of effect.

Here you can see the intended effect before the masking mess.

After the metallics were painted, I tried a blue glowing effect in the lower part of the mini, and I´m very proud of it cause it looks pretty well in my opinion.

The effect was achieved painting the glowing bulbs dark blue, then airbrushing it with a 50/50 mix of light blue and matt medium and then adding the final touch with a 50/50 mix of white and matt medium

After previous success I got a bit carried away and did the same effect in every glowing stuff of the mini, which again turned OK.

Here you have the finished miniature (without proper base), I have to say that with this mini I learned a lot about using the airbrush.

Here is another shot in other perspective of the mini.

As you can see, the base was kind of a learning field before I started with the mini :)

Hope you like it.

July 25, 2013

Carcharodons counts as Bjorn the Fellhanded: minor conversions.

Hi all.

Here they are some minor conversions I´ve made to a FW´s relic contemptor dreadnought to make him count as Bjorn the Fellhanded.

First of all, a close combat-y plasma cannon: Now that you can swap bjorn weapons I´ve decided to weaponize (more) a plasma cannon, and to make this I´ve added some talos bits to make it more menacing, and casually there was a talos bit which has many rivets, which is great cause it totally fits the carcharodons generally riveted look.

As you see the round part fits perfectly the plasma cannon frame.
The blade was attached filing the thing and using a drill to make its union more sturdy.

And voilá, a pretty menacing bladed plasma cannon.

Next I´ve riveted part of the torso, just for the fun of it and it looks pretty good.

After this, given that Bjorn has a 5++ save, I´ve added a radar thing in top of it, just to represent Bjorn is ever attuned with battlefield changes and is aware of all dangers around him... and because it looks similar to the AMS in Mechwarrior Online, a game I´m totally in love with.

I´ve also uber-riveted the left shoulder, to make it more carcharodons looking.

 Closer view:

And i´ve put also some trim and rivets in the right shoulder.

I hope to post painted pictures soon.

July 22, 2013

Khador Juggernaut WIP: part 2.

Hi all.

Here is the Juggernaut airbrushed, washed, with some of the metallics finished and with some chipping on it.

The legs still WIP though

Next post: legs!

July 17, 2013

Carcharodons drop pod door with airbrush!

Here is my first attempt at paint something with an airbrush.

I primed it grey and preshaded it with black and white, after that I´ve painted it with light grey and matt medium.

After airbrush I made some chipping with a sponge and a darker grey and I like the effect achieved.

After that I painted the bottom parts black to match with the carcharodons theme and chipped it with boltgun metal (now leadbelcher) and mithril silver (I don´t now its new name) and painted some spirts with agrax earthshade wash under every rivet achieving a nice old and used effect.

Comments and criticism are welcome as ever.

July 15, 2013

Ogre stonehorn WIP

For today there is a work in progress of the ogre stonehorns.

As I told you in the thundertusk article, I´m painting the stonehorns white so the stone pops out.

I´ve painted some gems in the horns and one of its fangs is a sapphire too, I think it adds a cool touch to the mini.

Sorry about the ugly pictures... remember, they were taken with my cellphone.

What do you think about the mini?

July 12, 2013

Scratchbuild ogre bruiser.

I´ve built a bruiser from spare parts, so here it is.

 I´ve used a ogre body, mournfang cavalry scyte, shoulderpad and helmet, irongut gutplate, and I don´t know where did I get the buckler... ironguts I think.

It is a cheap way to get a bruiser, and you can customize it a lot too.

What do you think?

July 10, 2013

Carcharodons: Counts as Belial/Arjac Rockfist (Asterion Moloch).

Here it is my carcharodons´count as Belial or Arjac Rockfist.

Whe mini is FW´s Asterion Moloc, chapter master of the Minotaurs, with the minotaurs symbols filed out (pretty hard work, by the way) and painted in carcharodons colours.

There is again the energised weapons effect (damn cell phone and his blurry photos...).

 The hammer.

It is a ver nice mini, and very fun to paint, full of nice details and it came perfectly cast so...

 A blurry view of the back of the mini.

In this shoulderpad I tried to make kind of a imperial eagle from the minotaurs chapter (although I think I didn´t successed at it)

What do you think?

July 8, 2013

Ogre thundertusk.

Hi guys, here are my ogre thundertusk!

An awesome mini, hard to build (and to handle, I punctured my fingers couple of times with the "hair") but impressively well done and fun to paint.

I´ve seen that people tend to paint the thundertusk white and the stonehorn brown, so I´ve painted the thundertusk grey/black and will paint the stonehorn white (so the stone in the body of the beast and the horns in the other beast pop out a lot more)
I´ve painted the flesh light grey with a good old gryphone sepia wash so it looks like wet and cold flesh.

Here it is... What do you guys think about it?

As ever comments and criticism will be welcome.

July 5, 2013

The second ironblaster.

And here is the second ironblaster.

It is a shame that you can get only one pose for this model but... it is still nice.

The mini is standard fun to paint but I really enjoyed painting the huge cannon on both miniatures, don´t know why.

Here are the paint in the dude´s body.

 And the two dudes side to side.

July 3, 2013

Carcharodons: Counts as Azrael WIP.

Hello all, keeping up with the carcharodons stuff here it is my second tryout mini: a count as Azrael, chapter master of the Dark Angels.

I´ve used the captain mini in the dark crusade box because it carries a huge sword and a combiplasma (just as Azrael does), so it fits prefectly.
I´ve filed out the DA iconography as well as one talon of the sword, just to make it look as a Shark back fin (it looks nice in my opinion).

I´ve painted it in the same colours as the previous librarian, adding a bit of red for the garments and black for the cloak.

I´ve tried to achieve an energised sword effect where the electrodes of the sword are, it was made with watered down light turquoise and white, and I like the results.

What do you guys think?

July 1, 2013

First ogre ironblaster.

Hi all, for today post: The inmense ogre ironblaster.

Here is the guy, painted as ever with a bronze humongous cannon.

 Verdigris was made with very watered down vallejo light turquoise (and I love the results).

A shot of the tribal paintings on the dude.

Base pending too.

What do you think?