June 28, 2013

Even more mournfang cavalry.

Here they are the standartbearer and the wannabe leader of the unit.

Gotta love this guys... they are huge.

As my army is going to be part of the Sons of the mountain tribe the obvious thing to paint in the banner was a mountan (duh) so here they are.

A mountain with a symbol in it representing a cave... maybe.
 And a mountain in the great maw.

And here there is the full unit.

 And there is with my keyboard in the background.

Hope you like them.

June 26, 2013

New allied army: Carcharodons!

With the inclusion of allies in 6th edition I will be building a Carcharodons allied force that will hit the tabletop as Blood Angels, Space Wolves or Dark Angels as needed.

I´ve choose Carcharodons cause they seem to be an offspring of my beloved Raven Guard so it seems plausible the dudes running to aid his father chapter in times of need.
I´ve choose them also cause I love their fluff and looks.

Here is my first try at a carcharodons miniature: A librarian.
The mini is made from a sanguinary guard dude with some FW Severin Loth´s kit shoulderpads.
I´ve filed out the most obvious BA iconography trying to make it more vanilla.

It is painted before my airbrush junkie thing, so it is painted in GW colours and washes.
I like how this guy came out but I will be painting the carcharodons gray a bit paler so it contrasts a bit more with the black shoulderpads.

What do you think?

June 24, 2013

More mournfang cavalry

Here are another couple of the mournfang cavalry unit.

Oh, in the previous post I forgot to mention that I´m taking the pictures with my cellphone so sorry if they are a bit blurry.

Painted as any other ogre in my army.

June 21, 2013

Warmachine army building: Khador!

I´ve decided to alternate old articles with new generation ones so here there is a new generation article: my humble start in warmachine army painting: Khador warjacks.

Here is my first true attempt at using my airbrush in a mini, minis indeed cause I painted two warjacks at the same time: Khador Juggernaut and Demolisher.

I´ve choose the green colour cause I haven´t seen almost no khador army painted this way.

For the greens I´ve used:
Vallejo Model Air Gunship Green (Verde acorazado) as base
Vallejo Model Air Panzer Olive (Panzer oliva) as dark color.
Vallejo Model Air Pale Green (Verde palido) as highlight color.
Final highlights will be made with pale green with a drop of white.

To make the reds I´ve used:
Vallejo Model Air Scarlet Red (Rojo escarlata) as base.
Vallejo Model Air Fire Red (Rojo Fuego) as highlight.

Don´t change your channel, this will keep going till they are finished.

June 20, 2013

I´m back with a pair of mournfang cavalry.

Hi all guys.

After more than a year of absence for some personal reasons, I´ve decided to keep on with the table-top bloggind and here I am, with an article I should have posted more than four hundred days ago :D

There are two mournfang cavalry dudes in their mounts.

The white mane line was painted with my brand new airbrush (it was brand new a year ago...).

 Another view of the dudes.

As Old Shatter Hands (now Tim) would notice, I haven´t finished their bases yet.

Hope you like them.