April 21, 2010


As I told you in one of my first posts here, my main army was a Tau army, until the wardrobe incident tear them to pieces (well, not the "I can glue ´em again" kind of pieces) and decided to start a Space Marine army, but I was reluctant to not assemble a tau army, so in November of last year I ordered to GW a huge box of Tau, not the things I will never ever use, only the things

I think I will be using one game after another.

So I ordered:

3 Battleforce boxes
6 crisis suits boxes
A comander box
A XV25 stealth suits box
3 skyray boxes
3 hammerhead turret sprues

Apart from these I found some forgeworld goodies of my old Tau army, so I got:

.- 3 Full fire warrior squads.
.- 3 Devilfish
.- 3 12-man kroot squads
.- 3 Hammerhead (each one with an interchangeable ion cannon turret, railgun turret and missile whatever turret and every configuration of drones/support weapons)
.- 9 XV-8 Crisis suits
.- 1 Standard Commander
.- 12 XV-25 stealth suits.
.- 8 kroot hounds (from my previous incarnation of the army).
.- 3 forgeworld XV-88 Apocalipsis battlesuits.
.- 1 Forgeworld commander (XV-9 I think)
.- 2 Ankhor prok (games day e-bay bought kroot shaper wich will be used as ethereals... in case ethereals become boosted in next codex :D )
.- 4 Markerlight drones.
.- Some defense drones
.- 3 Bazillion of gun drones.
.- O´shovah

And I have to search old tau boxes yet...

So, as you can see it will be a XV-8/XV-25 heavy tau army (need some piranhas, i think).

I´ve painted lots of tau at the moment, and here you got some sneak peeks, but I promise I will be posting better photos and from distinct angles.

One final thing to say: these are old photos, at the moment I got much more things painted and assembled (at the end of the post you got an excel sheet screenshot of my tau army progress), and my current WIP are about 16 gun drones and 2 markerlight drones...

Family photo:

My little troop guys:

Plasma rifle/missile launcher/multitracker XV-8´s (the white shouldered one is the boss):
WIP (then, i´ve finished ´em at the moment of this post) FW Apocalipsis battlesuits:

My face-tattooed kroots (better pics in next posts):

First team of Stealth suits (white shoulderpad one is the boss once again):

3 Finished ion cannons and a sky ray turret wip (at the moment I took the photos):
And my commander, a forgeworld mini with minor conversion of the weapons (post pending):
And my progress table (green squares are finished steps):

Comments and feedback are welcome.



Kirby said...

Those look pretty good. Like the white, very crisp.

Can't really see the bottom table too well though. My poor eyes :(

Anonymous said...

I like the excell sheet cromatic scheme.

. . .

Old Shatter Hands said...

Hey! I love that army. Green is my favorite color and you've done it really wel here. Nice fogeworld stuff too. How's it fared on the tabletop?

Somófrates said...

Some more washes and layers and you will be kicking some serious asses on GD.

(The options on those fireknives are glued?)