September 13, 2010

Raven Guard Assault Squad.

I´m not a true fan of the Space Marine Assault squads, I do prefer the sky-falling-itemizable-anihilating-veteran-rocket-propelled-guys ... that are a lot more expensive than the standart rocket-backpack guys but you can tone ´em for whatever you are going to encounter in the battlefield.

Albeit, I like the standard dudes, they are highly mobile triple-plasma-equipped melee guys wich I tend to not use, but the less expected day at the less expect moment...

I suppose the guys I will field will be a ten-man squad with a pair of plasma pistols and a plasma pistol/power glove sgt. for a total 260 points so this is the way I assembled my guys.

Sarge in the front and the plasma guys as bodyguards.

His left side so you can see the markings in the backpack and the swords.

The white-helmeted seargeand with power fist and plasma pistol.
A photo for you to take a look at the sarge´s markings.
The other side of the sarge.

The plasma guys.

Here they are.

Here is a standard assault trooper so you can see the standard markings.

Hope you´ve enjoyed.


Tim said...

These guys are frigging sweet. Love the markings.

Night Runner said...

These are by far the best Raven Guard have have sen on the net. Congrats, you make be want to do a diorama with this Chapter. Thanks for the inspiration.