May 17, 2011

Dire Avengers.

Today is the turn for the Dire Avengers, one of my preferred units of the eldar codex.

Don´t know what it is, maybe the spartan look of the helmet, the cool look of the armour, the fluff or whatever, but they are one of the most cool units in warhammer.
And the exarch is an impressive miniature to behold, and a delight to assemble.

Despite they are one of my favourite aspects, as I paint my miniatures unassembled, this units took me so long to finish that I started to despair, cause they were lots of things to paint and take care of. But as soon as I finished them, I was so proud of them that I loved them once more :D (and I will paint two more full units of them).

This guys will be mounted in a wave serpent, and will be used to late turn contests and for finishing enemy units with a volley of bladestormed shuriken catapults as well as to hunt horde units like IG conscripts or Tyranid gaunts.

So here they are, I´ve painted them in the main scheme of the army, black underarmour, blue plates, white helmet and black faceplate, but in the avengers the soulgem is painted in red, cause they have the weapon closer to the body and a purple colour for the gem will look too dark.

A shot from behind.

A pair of Avengers so you can see the details.

The exarch: I´ve planned to build one exarch with each one weapon configuration: this with the lance and the shimmering shield, other with the sword and the last with the dual shuriken catapults.

The shimmering shield and the blade are painted metallic and purple washed.

A shot of his back.

Hope you like it.


Rob said...

Nice work as always!

Fuzzbuket said...

woah to achive such a amazing standard on eldar on so many models is quite a achievment! well done!

Grajo said...

Many thanks guys :D