May 22, 2017

Khador Spriggan!! (let´s resurrect this blog once and for all)

Hello again fellow gamers.

I´ve abandoned this blog for some years now, always with a petty excuse not to write in it.
Truth is that I haven´t been painting as much as I used to do, which is a mistake I am trying to fix so.. here is the first new entry of the new era:

Khador Spriggan.

Here I show you the new scheme outside the "Butcher´s wild bunch" in the sexy body of a spriggan (with the lance a bit bent... I tried to fix but it doesn´t let itself get fixed!!)

It is a military grey (albeit in the pictures it look more pale than it really is), that combines really really well with metallics, golds, blacks and reds.

And as you can see I´m buying the bases because I´m too lazy to homemade them :D

I plan to get at least an update per week so I wont left this blog abandoned anymore, and maybe getting a couple of friends to post here too :)

See you soon!!!


Kevin Spyrle said...

Looking Nice!

Grajo said...

- Kevin Spyrle: Thank you mate!!