May 22, 2017

Khador Spriggan!! (let´s resurrect this blog once and for all)

Hello again fellow gamers.

I´ve abandoned this blog for some years now, always with a petty excuse not to write in it.
Truth is that I haven´t been painting as much as I used to do, which is a mistake I am trying to fix so.. here is the first new entry of the new era:

Khador Spriggan.

Here I show you the new scheme outside the "Butcher´s wild bunch" in the sexy body of a spriggan (with the lance a bit bent... I tried to fix but it doesn´t let itself get fixed!!)

It is a military grey (albeit in the pictures it look more pale than it really is), that combines really really well with metallics, golds, blacks and reds.

And as you can see I´m buying the bases because I´m too lazy to homemade them :D

I plan to get at least an update per week so I wont left this blog abandoned anymore, and maybe getting a couple of friends to post here too :)

See you soon!!!

October 29, 2013

My Khador army

Here is a picture of my Khador army so far.

There aren´t photos of the war dog because it came a bit warped and it isn´t a good model to show, but here it is.

What do you think about them?

October 25, 2013

Khador Man-O-War demolition Corps: Completed!!

Here they are, completed at last.

As you can see they keep the same scheme that my warjacks have, green body and red left shoulderpad.

I haven´t weathered them because they are the elite troops and I suppose they will be cleaning and repainting their armor when it weathers off, anyway I´m still pondering it.

As you can see I´ve done the same effect as in the axe of the juggernaut, that is cause the juggernaut axe is a frost axe and these are ice mauls so I´ve choose to keep the theme.

And here is the sarge, painted as the regular dudes but with a red tabard plate and and open helmet.

Damn... I need to base my army ASAP... any ideas?

Coment and criticism will be welcome as ever.

October 23, 2013

Khador Man-O-War demolition Corps WIP: Part 4

They now have arms!!

If you look closely the sarge has the front and back of his hammer painted dark blue, that is cause this is the first step towards the lightning effect I want to achieve.

I think they will be complete and finished in the next post.

October 14, 2013

Khador Man-O-War demolition Corps WIP: Part 3

Now they have torsos!!!

You can see how they are progressing, slow but purposefully  :)

The recesses around the arms sockets were carved by me, just to give them a more aproppriate look, even if they aren´t going to be seen so much.

Here is a shot of the boss.

And another shot of a standard trooper, just o show the current state of the minis.

What do you thik about them?


October 10, 2013

Khador Man-O-War demolition Corps WIP: Part 2

Here are the legs finished.

 Airbrush, a bit of agrax earthshade wash, some highlights, finish off the metallics and voila, some nice legs for the tank-wearing guys.

The one with the red tabard is, of course, the boss.

Next: torsos and arms.

October 8, 2013

Khador Man-O-War demolition Corps WIP: Part 1

Here they are, the unit that sold me the Khador faction.

The Man-O-War demo corps unit primed and airbrushed.

Another view of the unassembled dudes.

The idea is to keep the warjack scheme in the Man-O-War units, because they are the khador´s light ´Jacks.


October 3, 2013

The butcher of Khardov

Hi all, folks!
Today I bring you my butcher of khardov.

As you have noticed all my khador are mostly green with a red left shoulderpad, well, this dude is all red, just cause he is a high rank military member so I want him to stand out among the rest of the army.

 So, he has the greens but his armor is red, just to keep matching with the rest of the army.

An icy energy effect I tried in the axe.

This dude is a blast to paint, I have to say that, being a fanatic of plastics and resin (some resins, not all), I love the metals from Privateerpress, it have its issues, yes, but they are usually easy to repair or avoid and the details of the minis tends to be crisp and clean.

Next time: the first step of my Man-O-War demolition corps.

See you nex time.

October 1, 2013

Ogrun Bokur

That´s my last khador addition, an Ogrun Bokur to escort my casters.

Here it is in my Khador colours, even the red shoulderpad is here.

As you can see its skin is dark grey, I´ve painted it this way to give it a even less human appearance.

I think I should paint something in the halberd, but still don´t know what may I do with it.

That was a tough miniature to paint, it had some mold lines and it is very heavy, but when finished I had to say I´m quite proud of it and happy of how it came.

Coments and criticism is welcome as always.

September 23, 2013

Khador Demolisher.

Here there is the Khador Demolisher I´ve just finished. As you can see, it has the army-wide red left pauldron.

As ever the photos aren´t the best out there, that is cause I took them with my cell phone.

 As you can see I glued the left shoulderpad in the right arm and viceversa, that´s cause I like this look better and will distinguish the demolisher of the devastator.

A shot of the other pauldron, if you look closely you´ll see the runes painted in the shoulderpad (this is a shot from when the mini was WIP, nevermind :)  ).

Here you can see the red marking painted in the front of the hull.

 What do you think about it?

September 19, 2013

Khador Juggernaut: Completed!!

Here is the completed khador juggernaut warjack in all its glory

I think I will be changing the head as soon as I can, cause it came a bit warped, but here it is completed.
As you can see I´ve tried to emulate some king of energy effect in the axe, I think it looks pretty ok.

Here is a detail from other angle, the red shoulderpad will be a constant in my khador army, you will see.

And here is a detail of the shoulderpad (it is a picture from before I painted the energy effects and added the head, but you can see the overall effect.

The only thing that is unfinished in this mini is the base... Any ideas?

What do you guys think?

September 17, 2013

Khador juggernaut WIP: Part 6

Almost there!!

Here they are some pics of my almost finished khador juggernaut warjack.

The back.

The effects of the exhaust and the axe are still pending, as well as the head of the ´jack.

Here you can see better the chipping and overall effect.

Hope you like it.

September 8, 2013

Khador Juggernaut WIP: Part 5

Here is the finished torso of the juggernaut.
I´m quite proud of it.

As a khadoran war machine it has lots of chipping from past battles, and also it has a double line marking in the middle of the torso, which I will be adding to all my warjacks.

Comments and criticism as ever will be welcome.

September 4, 2013

Khador Juggernaut WIP: Part 4

Here it is the right shoulderpad of the juggernaut.

I´ve painted it as the rest of the juggernaut but i´ve added some khadorian inscriptions in the right shoulder, just to add a bit of colour in the overall model.

As you can see the inscription has the same style as the "magic" in the pictures in the book, as you can see in this image.

Here is another shot which show better the inscriptions.

September 2, 2013

Khador Juggernaut WIP: part 3

Here they are the painted legs of the juggernaut.

As you´ll notice the loincloth has been filed, so it hasn´t rivets or a metal plate, that is cause it came with a big mould line so I had to remove some details. It ended well, tough.

There is the back of the legs, here you can see the differences in the loincloth regarding the previous picture.

 Here is a better view of the leg guards, but my cell took a blurry photo this time :(

Next post: shoulderpads.