March 15, 2012

Ogre Conversion: Heavens Lore Butcher.

Here is the last post in my "Ogre shaman" thread: the Heavens lore butcher.

Thing is I don´t know how this dude came to my mind, I know that the idea of a dude sporting a massive sledgehammer is always appealing to me so I took the idea of my Death lore butcher and used an Ironguts hammer instead of a Mournfang cavalry scythe and this dude was born.

Is still hard to know what to add to a dude whose workshipped god is "Heavens", so I decided to make him the less tematic butcher.

The body is an Ogre standard body, the left arm is the standart one and the right one is the unflexed arm in the ogres box.

The hammer was cut out from the ironguts sprue and glued to the filed standart arm.

The wand is part of a ogre club with a skull that came from the spare head of the thundertusk/stonehorn kit (what a kit!!!).
The wand was added just to give a bit more the feeling of a "Magic Dude".
The last touch is the head, that is the head that come to make a butcher in the TH/SH kit, is the head with the long beard, that gives the feeling that is caught some air hence helping to create the "Heavens lore" feeling.
Oh, and that is a image of the gnoblar that some leadbelchers sport in their shoulders (image I forgot to use in the last leadbelchers post).

March 8, 2012

Raven Guard conversion: Vulkan He´stan

Space Wolves have psyber ravens, blood angels and grey knights have the Stormraven, the dark angels have a company called Ravenwing...

And what raven-named stuff Raven Guard have??

Nothing... at all.

So I´ve decided to keep converting special characters to the raven guard side and here is my Count As Vulkan He´Stan.

The dude is made from the legs and torso of a Dark Angels veteran, the left powerfist of the new space wolves pack, the right arm is a standart arm of the tactical squad box with the chainsword hand replaced by a halberd of the grey knights.

The shoulderpads came from the command squad sprue (the raven guard icon´s shoulderpad) and FW´s Severin Loth command squad.

The backpack came from the Raven Guard upgrade kit (Forgeworld).

The flamethrower is made from the cannon of a Blood Angels inferno pistol and the body is made from a very cut and filed flametrower.

You can see a glue drop in the fist, this is the point where some purity seals will be stuck.
And... I don´t know where the head came from :D
A detail of the Raven.
A detail view of the glove.

What do you think about it??


February 27, 2012

Leadbelchers second batch

Hi all, as you have seen this article was self-published and took me by surprise.

This is the second batch of ogre leadbelchers in all its gunpowder-loving glory.

The guy on the right is the boss of the unit, the other are just... the regular cannon toting ogres.
Here you can see their war paints.
And the paints on the cannons.

What do you think?


February 22, 2012

Leadbelchers first batch.

Today I´m gonna show you the first batch of leadbelchers:

What to say?? huge dudes with huge guns...
The dude with the even more huge cannon is the musician.
I´ve painted them in the very same colours of the rest of the army, and the cannons are painted in a dark silver way, just because I don´t see the ogres taking care of their equipment, so the weapons tend to be greasy and dark.
As you can see each one of them sports a cannon with a unique white design in it.
And of course, they sport the classical markings in their bodies.There are the paintings on the cannons.
And the other two... nothing too complex just some easy polygonal and circle shapes.

What do you think??


February 13, 2012

Ogre Conversion: Death Lore Butcher.

And there is the other butcher shaman I´ve made so far.

In this case this is a Death lore shaman.
I´ve tried to make him as menacing and quiet as I´ve can, just to give the feeling that he is so used to death that battle don´t even bother him.

His weapon is one of the scariest looking weapon on all the ogre kingdoms armory, kind of a jaw open to bite some unfortunate dude.

He is scratchbuilt from:
Body, right arm, bear trap hand, decorations and head from the ogres sprue.
The left arm is a standart arm from the ogres sprue but the top is changed by a weapon from the mournfang cavalry sprue.
Gut plate comes from the ironguts sprue.
The dog is from the undead box of mantic games.
Just a simple but effective conversion.

As you can see he is heavily cover in tribal paintings, from the left almost white arm to the skull in his face.

And he have a companion too, a long time dead dog.
Here is the little dude (I still have to paint his necklace).
A look of the paintings on his back (and the extra bear trap he carries).
In this case the bits hanging from this dude are here to give him a more deadly and creepy look.
A close detail of the skull I have painted onto his face.

Comments and criticism are welcome.

February 6, 2012

Ogre Conversion: Beasts Lore Butcher.

Here is another Hero choice on the book: The beasts lore butcher.

Well, he is not a butcher in the literal way, because I´ve preferred converting it to look more like a shaman or a hunter cause I don´t like the butcher thing for other lores than gutmagic.

It was converted from:
Body, left arm and left hand from ogre bulls (now only ogres).
Gut plate, animal skin, right hand and vulture from the hunter that came in the stonehorn.
Head from the mournfang cavalry kit.
Snakes in the base from black tree miniatures snakes blister.

I´ve tried to give this guy kind of a feral luck, with some animals around him like in the beastmaster movie.
There is a thing to love about ogres, the kits come with lots of spare parts, so I´ve converted six minis to fit different roles (this is the first one).

The vulture has 5 layers of grey in the black pens.
I´ve added some bits as an additional club and a horn (just to call some more animals).
This guy is light on the tribal paints thing, cause is full of nice details.
To make the head fit the body I layered about 4 washes of badab black in the head and neck, the fist one to make sure the red isn´t too much brilliant, the others in the base of the neck to make a quiet transition between head/neck and the black body.
I think the snakes need some kind of scales pattern but I´m not sure what one will be.
Here they are, expecting to bite someone that approaches their master.
And here is a detail of the little bits that make the ogres even more cool-looking.

What do you think about this dude?.

February 2, 2012


Hi all.

One of the things I like in armies as Tau or Ogre Kingdoms is the diversity of troops.
Tau have Kroot and Vespid (and now demiurgs) and ogres have giants, sabretooth, yhethees, gnoblars, etc...

But for today´s post I have a giant for you.
His skin is a bit more pink than the standard ogre.
The giant kit is a very nice kit to assembly and paint, with many nice options, but being this giant in an ogre kingdoms army I´ve opted to build him as carrying the breakfast to the battle.
Here is a bretonnian shield and some imperial looted armor.
A dragon/hydra skin around his arm and a dragon skull as weapon.
His belly button and the loincloth.
This guy has painting in all his body, here is the one in the left feet.
Some other paintings in the face and in the sides of the torso.
and some others in the neck and left arm.

Hope you like it.

January 30, 2012

Ogre Ironguts third batch.

And here they are the banner bearer and the champion of the Ironguts unit.

First of all: the banner bearer.

He is the only which has his face covered, just to make him different.
The banner is painted with way more devlan mud than my usual ogre metallics and with a pair of white stripes along the banner.

I´ve painted the banner´s eyes red, just to simulate some kind of looted rubys.

This dude has a pretty soft pattern, cause he was yet filled with details (still the stones hanging of the banner have their own tribal paintings.

A close-up of the banner in all his monsterous glory.

And here is the boss, as you can notice, instead of metal studs, he sports some saphires in the weapon and the gutplate.
And also, as you can notice he is the only one with a metal "horn" in the helmet.
A different view of the guy.
Here you can better appreciate the paintings on the armour.
And here there are the paintings on his skin.
And the whole unit ready to pound anyone that stands in their way.
As I love this guys I will be including one unit of them in almost every list I make.
What do you think of this unit?