February 13, 2012

Ogre Conversion: Death Lore Butcher.

And there is the other butcher shaman I´ve made so far.

In this case this is a Death lore shaman.
I´ve tried to make him as menacing and quiet as I´ve can, just to give the feeling that he is so used to death that battle don´t even bother him.

His weapon is one of the scariest looking weapon on all the ogre kingdoms armory, kind of a jaw open to bite some unfortunate dude.

He is scratchbuilt from:
Body, right arm, bear trap hand, decorations and head from the ogres sprue.
The left arm is a standart arm from the ogres sprue but the top is changed by a weapon from the mournfang cavalry sprue.
Gut plate comes from the ironguts sprue.
The dog is from the undead box of mantic games.
Just a simple but effective conversion.

As you can see he is heavily cover in tribal paintings, from the left almost white arm to the skull in his face.

And he have a companion too, a long time dead dog.
Here is the little dude (I still have to paint his necklace).
A look of the paintings on his back (and the extra bear trap he carries).
In this case the bits hanging from this dude are here to give him a more deadly and creepy look.
A close detail of the skull I have painted onto his face.

Comments and criticism are welcome.


Zerloon said...

I like him so much!

Just one thought... The weapon, have you thought about cutting it and reposition it to make it look more like a scythe?

Just my 0,02 cents :D

Warhammer In Progress said...

This thing is sick, the dog is a nice touch, but the bear trap and weapon make it really stick out. Nice job!

Somófrates said...

But this is quite a MELOCOTONAZO!

Grajo said...

Zerloon: Many thanks.
Yep, that was the original idea, but I preferred to put it this way after I saw the mournfang cavalry artwork of the army book, it seems more usable to me.

Warhammer In progress: Hehehehe, thanks mate.

Somofrates: Dejales que camenen como ellos camenen si quieren darle un poco a la lejía o quieren darle un poco a la mandanda dejaleeees.