February 22, 2010

My Nemesis: Power Weapons

Well, more like my new Nemesis, the first one was painting faces but looks like most of my guys got a better gene-seed now and they are not strabic anymore. I have been tracking tutorials through many 40k forums but can't find anything that really fits the effect I want. I have some ideas (and voices) in my head but until I come up with a solution I have decided to not get stuck on this and keep on painting my termies.

So after all this yadda-yadda here you have 2 new Wolf Guards! (without power weapons :P)

Expect soon a post with my first Land Raider!

February 19, 2010

Drop pod and a bonus mini.

Raven guard is supposed to be the chapter wich have more thunderhawks and drop pods, and here is my first drop pod, with other waiting in the box.

It is the main transport for my sternguard unit, and the only one for my dreads :D
It will be better with some raven guard bits, but remember... they aren´t any official raven guard bits out there :D so... imperial aquilas.

A detail of the interior.

And a bonus miniature I painted about a year ago (I think this guy is the most colorful necron I´ve ever seen...)


February 14, 2010

(Count as) Lysander and Assault termies.

And here is my Lysander version and some assault termies, wich I think will be infiltrated by Shrike.

First ... Lysander (the shield is still WIP, I have to add some seals).
I replaced the Fist of Dorn Corax, ´cause I don´t like the standard one, well, it is good for a crimson/imperial fist army, even for a ultramarine or iron hands army, but for a raven guard army ... nope.

Yep, I filed every symbols on the guy... hard work.

Here is the raven guard über-symbol and the Fist of Corax (a thunder hammer of the termies box).

And the termies, the first 5 with thunder hammers and storm shields.

Yep, they lack the right shoulderpad, this is because i´m waiting few months with the little hope of Forgeworld releasing some raven guard stuff.

Detail shot of the crux terminatus of my termies and the seargeant´s shield.

Here comes the lightning claws guys.

A shot of the 2 bosses.

And a group shot of them.

I painted 2 sarges because this way i can divide ´em or keep them as a 10 man unit, depending of the army list i build.


February 11, 2010

Ravenwi... erm... ¿Ravenwheel?.

Today is the time for me to show the ravenwheel.

They, with some assault termies, were the units in what i was working the five weeks before christmas.

Fast and resillient, but still flexible and capable of a great punch they epitomise my idea of a space marine army, and since I discovered the biker Captain rule wich allows you to field units of 5 or more bikers as troops they are a must have (i pray for the day that a rule like this allows to field assault marine units as troops... blood angels codex release day I suppose *sigh*).

And here is the captain, pointing at his guys and yelling "You, count as troops right now".
As the ravenwing theme fits perfectly for a raven guard army I used lots of ravenwing bits in this guy, standart, robes, books, helm, bike´s wings and seals are from the ravenwing box, fist is a devastator one.

Hm... I have to improve my Raven-logo-freehanding skills, but I´m still proud.

The first unit of bikers, with two special weapons, a heavy bolter attack bike and a plasma pistol seargeant.

Here is the sarge with his pistol and my custom assault icon... I never liked the "official" one.

And the second bunch of guys, half of them are "beakies", including the seargeant (with a pow fist) and the multimelta attack bike driver.

And a shot of both units and the cap,

I think they will be my standard troops in my future games... in a very Way of Saim Hann style.

February 9, 2010


Well well, today I´m going to talk you about my main addiction in the hobby... dreadnougts.

Yep, as the ork codex states they are big, shooty and stompy, so you should love ´em, call them Deff dreads, Wraithlords, Penitent engines, even Defilers or simply Dreadnoughts, they are the kit I ever seem to enjoy painting and playing with, and in every list I make i try to include one, if not more of them.

For the ones that live under a rock (or aren´t suscribed to the newsletter), finally GW will be releasing a new Venerable dreadnought plastic kit, wich is a great idea but... i think is not as good as it should be (albeit i´m really really impressed of the deff dread and killa kan kits, they look great, weird, big, shooty and truly stompy).

At the moment i got 5 finished, a standard venerable of forgeworld WIP, wich i´ll try to convert and the AOBR one (WIP too, it will be a rifleman), but I still think I should take one of the Raven Guard Forgeworld kits... for a total of 8...

Here they are:

Metal Venerable.
As you would notice they are some details to finish.

Standard dreads, one with missile/lascannon the other with assault cannon/powerfist.
They were the sixth and seventh miniatures assembled and painted of my raven guard army.

And my ironclads, notice the different style respecting the standard ones.

The meltagun.

And the flamer.
This one is still WIP.
It got a meltagun and a storm bolter.

And a group shot of the 5 brothers-in-coffin.

... I cannot wait tilll the deff dread and killa kanz kits are released...