February 9, 2010


Well well, today I´m going to talk you about my main addiction in the hobby... dreadnougts.

Yep, as the ork codex states they are big, shooty and stompy, so you should love ´em, call them Deff dreads, Wraithlords, Penitent engines, even Defilers or simply Dreadnoughts, they are the kit I ever seem to enjoy painting and playing with, and in every list I make i try to include one, if not more of them.

For the ones that live under a rock (or aren´t suscribed to the newsletter), finally GW will be releasing a new Venerable dreadnought plastic kit, wich is a great idea but... i think is not as good as it should be (albeit i´m really really impressed of the deff dread and killa kan kits, they look great, weird, big, shooty and truly stompy).

At the moment i got 5 finished, a standard venerable of forgeworld WIP, wich i´ll try to convert and the AOBR one (WIP too, it will be a rifleman), but I still think I should take one of the Raven Guard Forgeworld kits... for a total of 8...

Here they are:

Metal Venerable.
As you would notice they are some details to finish.

Standard dreads, one with missile/lascannon the other with assault cannon/powerfist.
They were the sixth and seventh miniatures assembled and painted of my raven guard army.

And my ironclads, notice the different style respecting the standard ones.

The meltagun.

And the flamer.
This one is still WIP.
It got a meltagun and a storm bolter.

And a group shot of the 5 brothers-in-coffin.

... I cannot wait tilll the deff dread and killa kanz kits are released...