February 11, 2010

Ravenwi... erm... ¿Ravenwheel?.

Today is the time for me to show the ravenwheel.

They, with some assault termies, were the units in what i was working the five weeks before christmas.

Fast and resillient, but still flexible and capable of a great punch they epitomise my idea of a space marine army, and since I discovered the biker Captain rule wich allows you to field units of 5 or more bikers as troops they are a must have (i pray for the day that a rule like this allows to field assault marine units as troops... blood angels codex release day I suppose *sigh*).

And here is the captain, pointing at his guys and yelling "You, count as troops right now".
As the ravenwing theme fits perfectly for a raven guard army I used lots of ravenwing bits in this guy, standart, robes, books, helm, bike´s wings and seals are from the ravenwing box, fist is a devastator one.

Hm... I have to improve my Raven-logo-freehanding skills, but I´m still proud.

The first unit of bikers, with two special weapons, a heavy bolter attack bike and a plasma pistol seargeant.

Here is the sarge with his pistol and my custom assault icon... I never liked the "official" one.

And the second bunch of guys, half of them are "beakies", including the seargeant (with a pow fist) and the multimelta attack bike driver.

And a shot of both units and the cap,

I think they will be my standard troops in my future games... in a very Way of Saim Hann style.


Elahir said...

The truth is that he really likes white scars but doesn't want to paint in white so Raven Guard is his second dish :P

Anonymous said...

They´re cool, but, never charge genstealers whith them.