February 14, 2010

(Count as) Lysander and Assault termies.

And here is my Lysander version and some assault termies, wich I think will be infiltrated by Shrike.

First ... Lysander (the shield is still WIP, I have to add some seals).
I replaced the Fist of Dorn Corax, ´cause I don´t like the standard one, well, it is good for a crimson/imperial fist army, even for a ultramarine or iron hands army, but for a raven guard army ... nope.

Yep, I filed every symbols on the guy... hard work.

Here is the raven guard über-symbol and the Fist of Corax (a thunder hammer of the termies box).

And the termies, the first 5 with thunder hammers and storm shields.

Yep, they lack the right shoulderpad, this is because i´m waiting few months with the little hope of Forgeworld releasing some raven guard stuff.

Detail shot of the crux terminatus of my termies and the seargeant´s shield.

Here comes the lightning claws guys.

A shot of the 2 bosses.

And a group shot of them.

I painted 2 sarges because this way i can divide ´em or keep them as a 10 man unit, depending of the army list i build.



Anonymous said...

how can u justify using that many terminators and a captain in a raven guard army, raven guard don't have that much terminator armor, maybe 30 suits in the whole chapter, there is almost no chance that that many terminators would ever be in a raven guard list unless it was around 5000 points. however that said the paint scheme is very nice, was the symbol on "lysanders" shoulder handpainted?

Grajo said...

Raven Guard is very high on equipment (5ed codex dixit), the thing which RG lacks is manpower, cause they are ever short in guys due to the crappy geneseed they have, so i suppose they have many termie armours but not enough people to wear it.

This and the fact Forgeworld released RG Terminator Land Raider doors, so I supposed that if they have Terminator-Dedicated Land Raiders what they would put inside is... well, terminators.

Yep, every simbol in my armies is handpainted.

dracopticon said...

Excuse me for posting so late, my name's Erik Brickman and I'm asking this from the Scandinavian North (Sweden): what paints did you use for the different colors? And what kind of brush to get the really small areas done, like the side details on the shields? I'm very interested as I'm painting just the same: RG termies!

Grajo said...


Nothing to excuse, man, it´s nice to know someone read the older posts.

The colours are:

First: Prime black.
Second: Vallejo Luftwaffe grey
Final highlights: Vallejo french mirage blue (despite de name is grey).

.- White:
First: Vallejo Silvergrey.
Second and final highlight: Layers of watered down white (any manufacturer).

.- Red:
First: Citadel foundation Mechrite red.
Second: Blood red.
Third: Watered blazing orange.


First: Vallejo Old gold or brass.
Second: Vallejo Gold.
Third: Mix of Vallejo Gold, Silver and a bit or White.

Hope this help you mate.

dracopticon said...

And even much later than before, I say thank you!