March 15, 2012

Ogre Conversion: Heavens Lore Butcher.

Here is the last post in my "Ogre shaman" thread: the Heavens lore butcher.

Thing is I don´t know how this dude came to my mind, I know that the idea of a dude sporting a massive sledgehammer is always appealing to me so I took the idea of my Death lore butcher and used an Ironguts hammer instead of a Mournfang cavalry scythe and this dude was born.

Is still hard to know what to add to a dude whose workshipped god is "Heavens", so I decided to make him the less tematic butcher.

The body is an Ogre standard body, the left arm is the standart one and the right one is the unflexed arm in the ogres box.

The hammer was cut out from the ironguts sprue and glued to the filed standart arm.

The wand is part of a ogre club with a skull that came from the spare head of the thundertusk/stonehorn kit (what a kit!!!).
The wand was added just to give a bit more the feeling of a "Magic Dude".
The last touch is the head, that is the head that come to make a butcher in the TH/SH kit, is the head with the long beard, that gives the feeling that is caught some air hence helping to create the "Heavens lore" feeling.
Oh, and that is a image of the gnoblar that some leadbelchers sport in their shoulders (image I forgot to use in the last leadbelchers post).

March 8, 2012

Raven Guard conversion: Vulkan He´stan

Space Wolves have psyber ravens, blood angels and grey knights have the Stormraven, the dark angels have a company called Ravenwing...

And what raven-named stuff Raven Guard have??

Nothing... at all.

So I´ve decided to keep converting special characters to the raven guard side and here is my Count As Vulkan He´Stan.

The dude is made from the legs and torso of a Dark Angels veteran, the left powerfist of the new space wolves pack, the right arm is a standart arm of the tactical squad box with the chainsword hand replaced by a halberd of the grey knights.

The shoulderpads came from the command squad sprue (the raven guard icon´s shoulderpad) and FW´s Severin Loth command squad.

The backpack came from the Raven Guard upgrade kit (Forgeworld).

The flamethrower is made from the cannon of a Blood Angels inferno pistol and the body is made from a very cut and filed flametrower.

You can see a glue drop in the fist, this is the point where some purity seals will be stuck.
And... I don´t know where the head came from :D
A detail of the Raven.
A detail view of the glove.

What do you think about it??