March 8, 2012

Raven Guard conversion: Vulkan He´stan

Space Wolves have psyber ravens, blood angels and grey knights have the Stormraven, the dark angels have a company called Ravenwing...

And what raven-named stuff Raven Guard have??

Nothing... at all.

So I´ve decided to keep converting special characters to the raven guard side and here is my Count As Vulkan He´Stan.

The dude is made from the legs and torso of a Dark Angels veteran, the left powerfist of the new space wolves pack, the right arm is a standart arm of the tactical squad box with the chainsword hand replaced by a halberd of the grey knights.

The shoulderpads came from the command squad sprue (the raven guard icon´s shoulderpad) and FW´s Severin Loth command squad.

The backpack came from the Raven Guard upgrade kit (Forgeworld).

The flamethrower is made from the cannon of a Blood Angels inferno pistol and the body is made from a very cut and filed flametrower.

You can see a glue drop in the fist, this is the point where some purity seals will be stuck.
And... I don´t know where the head came from :D
A detail of the Raven.
A detail view of the glove.

What do you think about it??



Anonymous said...


The head is from the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard. Or perhaps the Death Company.

But definately the Blood Angel haircut so it'll be one of them.

AoM said...

I HATE the term "counts as" He's Vulkan He'Stan. Just like a tactical squad is a tactical squad whether it is bone stock SM parts, or a mash up of Ork and power armor parts. "Counts as" is a bullshit term. Vulkan He'Stan is two things - a character from fluff, and the name assigned to a specific set of rules that is comprised of a statline, wargear, and special rules. As long as the wargear is clearly represented, needing to use the term "counts as" is unnecessary.

Sorry. All the drama around "counts as" just kind of pisses me off. Tell your opponent the model is Vulkan, and you should be set. If you make a custom lascannon out of plastic tubes, you don't need to say this is my "counts as" lascannon. You just tell your opponent "this squad has a lascannon," and that's the end of it. Same with this model. "This is Vulkan" is all you should need to say.

Deadestdai said...

Looks great!

Love the way you paint your blacks, makes the white pop really nicely.

Somófrates said...

He needs a sunbath

Anonymous said...

i stumbled onto this looking for ways to paint my black raven guard better. 1st of all fantastic model, but im totally in love with the paint job!
i also see by the way you painted the bird in "Ogre Conversion: Beasts Lore Butcher" that you have mad skill with the blacks, can you do a tut on your style or point me in the right direction.

Corvinvs said...

It is realy good alternative for our existing pre-generated characters: Shrike and Korvidae.

Adn I agree with you: we have only Raven Claws by Shrike and nothing more :(

Cristina Violet said...

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