February 6, 2012

Ogre Conversion: Beasts Lore Butcher.

Here is another Hero choice on the book: The beasts lore butcher.

Well, he is not a butcher in the literal way, because I´ve preferred converting it to look more like a shaman or a hunter cause I don´t like the butcher thing for other lores than gutmagic.

It was converted from:
Body, left arm and left hand from ogre bulls (now only ogres).
Gut plate, animal skin, right hand and vulture from the hunter that came in the stonehorn.
Head from the mournfang cavalry kit.
Snakes in the base from black tree miniatures snakes blister.

I´ve tried to give this guy kind of a feral luck, with some animals around him like in the beastmaster movie.
There is a thing to love about ogres, the kits come with lots of spare parts, so I´ve converted six minis to fit different roles (this is the first one).

The vulture has 5 layers of grey in the black pens.
I´ve added some bits as an additional club and a horn (just to call some more animals).
This guy is light on the tribal paints thing, cause is full of nice details.
To make the head fit the body I layered about 4 washes of badab black in the head and neck, the fist one to make sure the red isn´t too much brilliant, the others in the base of the neck to make a quiet transition between head/neck and the black body.
I think the snakes need some kind of scales pattern but I´m not sure what one will be.
Here they are, expecting to bite someone that approaches their master.
And here is a detail of the little bits that make the ogres even more cool-looking.

What do you think about this dude?.


Rhellion said...

Like it a lot! Perfect and simple conversion.

Old School Terminator said...

Consider this idea officially stolen!

Grajo said...

Rhellion: Thanks, that was totally the point of it, to keep it simple but effective.

Old School Terminator: Consider the idea your to use :D