February 22, 2012

Leadbelchers first batch.

Today I´m gonna show you the first batch of leadbelchers:

What to say?? huge dudes with huge guns...
The dude with the even more huge cannon is the musician.
I´ve painted them in the very same colours of the rest of the army, and the cannons are painted in a dark silver way, just because I don´t see the ogres taking care of their equipment, so the weapons tend to be greasy and dark.
As you can see each one of them sports a cannon with a unique white design in it.
And of course, they sport the classical markings in their bodies.There are the paintings on the cannons.
And the other two... nothing too complex just some easy polygonal and circle shapes.

What do you think??



Student Teacher said...

They look great. And please don't sell yourself short, sure you are painting basic shapes, but they are in tiny little models, and in WHITE! (I've never had much luck painting white)

Keep it up, I'm looking forward to some big monsters!

Ron Saikowski said...

They look great. I know you mentioned dark and greasy weapons... any thoughts of making them rusty as well? Or are you going to stay with this look which is a very nice one as is?

Ron, FTW

Grajo said...

Student Teacher: Many thanks!!
I start with watered down Dheneb Stone and then use some watered down layers of skull white (or whichever other white you use).

Ron: Thanks! May I will paint the mouth of the cannons a bit dusty and black, just to give a "used" look to them.