January 30, 2012

Ogre Ironguts third batch.

And here they are the banner bearer and the champion of the Ironguts unit.

First of all: the banner bearer.

He is the only which has his face covered, just to make him different.
The banner is painted with way more devlan mud than my usual ogre metallics and with a pair of white stripes along the banner.

I´ve painted the banner´s eyes red, just to simulate some kind of looted rubys.

This dude has a pretty soft pattern, cause he was yet filled with details (still the stones hanging of the banner have their own tribal paintings.

A close-up of the banner in all his monsterous glory.

And here is the boss, as you can notice, instead of metal studs, he sports some saphires in the weapon and the gutplate.
And also, as you can notice he is the only one with a metal "horn" in the helmet.
A different view of the guy.
Here you can better appreciate the paintings on the armour.
And here there are the paintings on his skin.
And the whole unit ready to pound anyone that stands in their way.
As I love this guys I will be including one unit of them in almost every list I make.
What do you think of this unit?



Ron Saikowski said...

The first thing that stood out to me was the lack of rust. You almost always see the weapons and armour rusted.

I think it's a nice change to not have that all over the models.
Nice work.

Ron, From the Warp

Grajo said...

Yep, I supposed they should be using the weapons too much for them to be rusty.

Also I supposed, as bad crafters as they are, that they bought their weapons to the chaos dwarves or something like that so their weaponry is well crafted and finished so they only have to put some tribal paintings on them and keep going :)

Carolyn J.Bouknight said...

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