January 9, 2012

Ogres, third batch.

Hi again!!

There are three more ogres.

This batch is armed with an iron fist.
Another perspective of the guys.
Here you can see how I weathered the iron fists, the guy on the left was painted with boltgun metal, heavy washed badab black and then highlighted with with mithril silver, the guy on the right was basecoated boltgun metal, heavy washed badab black, drybrushed and pointed with mithril silver, then washed with devlan mud so it has a older look on it.
Personally, for the ogres I like the old look way more.

Comments and criticism is welcome as ever.


Student Teacher said...

Your weathering on the metal looks fantastic. I personally like the ironfist on the left of that one picture.

I think the only critisism I can say about the minis is that they look too good! The teeth look too white, and the pants and shoes look too similar.

Now if that is what you going for, you are doing it right!
I never really got the feeling that the Ogres were a really regimented army, so having every guy so "uniform" looks a bit off to me.

DuendE said...

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