January 23, 2012

Ogre Ironguts first batch.

Here there are my first batch of Ironguts.

Thing is I love ironguts, the brutal feeling of their weapons, the crude helmets and his chainmailed gutplate gives them a bone-crushing-badass look that appeals me a lot.

I´ve tried to maximize the diversity of this dudes, that is why no one has the same arms/weapon combination.

Here is a shot on their backs.
As you can notice, this guys sports tribal paintings because I´ve made this paintings into a standart of my army.
And now: a closer look to the individual paintings.

Some triangles in the back for this guy.
Some neat-filled triangles around the neck of this one (if you notice, their weapons also have some paintings on them).
A line with a dot pattern for this one.
Some triangles in the triceps of this dude and some other triangles and dots in the left hand.

I´m quite proud of this guys, what do you think about them?.

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