January 19, 2012

Ogre Tyrant.

To be the general of my army and the first commander I paint I chose a tyrant.
I bought a finecast tyrant and I have to say it came pretty prefect except for the little detail that I had to use this head cause the other didn´t fit this arms.

I´ve opted for the heavy weapon because I like the brutal look this humongous weapon gives to the mini, and because this weapon attracts all the looks to this centerpiece.
Here in the back I have to do some tribal paintings, but still I haven´t find the pattern for the big boss.

What do you think of this dude?

1 comment:

Student Teacher said...

I just painted up one of these guys as a surprise for one of my friends. I was this >< close to using the great weapon but I knew my buddy ran his with extra weapon.

Brutal is totally the correct word to describe it, and you've done and excellent job with that guy!