April 18, 2010

My first Land Raider

I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to start working on some tanks to transport my guys so I went to ebay and bought a cheap Land Raider to practice with it. I couldn't resist and bought a Dark Angels one, nothing more satisfying than turning a traitor LR into a loyal one! (some might disagree but we all know that the 1st Legion is worse than the Sons of Horus).

I used GW 's black prime and the usual Vallejo stuff (neutral grey, black grey wash, and then more neutral and sky grey dry brushing).
I like the results so I ordered a Redeemer upgrade sprue to finish it. Until it arrives I'm painting a Sky Claws squad that should be done (hopefully) in 10 days or so, and as always I'll post then as soon as I'm done with them.


Grajo said...

Hmmm... cooooool.

Anonymous said...

Your first tank.
You will see , ... once you start, you´ll not be able to stop.

. . .