August 5, 2011

Eldar Avatar.

Here is the turn for the Avatar of Khaine, shard of a dead god, fighter and commander at the very same time.

I love the avatar fluff and everything albeit it isn´t the best of the best in the tabletop, but I´ve played it and killed Belial and other 3 termies (just cause the biggest part of the melee was being done by my pa, so it killed almost double the points I spend in buying him (great thing by the way).

I bought the finecast Avatar and it came almost in perfect shape, just some bubbles in the feet and right arm, but apart from this... perfect.

Thing is that I´ve going to paint the inner part of the avatar in a blueish energy way, but is too much complicated for my skills at the moment.

Being a demi-god I wanted him to be kind of a central point in my army, not only in the battlefield but visually too, so I´ve painted it grey with lots of white, which no one in my army has except for Eldrad Ulthran so I´ve achieved the effect in my opinion.

I´ve painted his gems in my army´s classical purple/red but as long as he is painted grey, I decided to paint some of them in the shadow grey colour of my army (adapted for the gems) to give it a more cohesive look in my army.

The mount of the gems is white, as if made of wraithbone.

Here you have a shot of his back to take a look at the grey tones and the back of the head.

A detail of the sword:

I´ve painted the sword gem-like, just to give and ancient-alien look.

The runes were painted with vallejo old gold, highlighted with Vallejo Gold and I´ve put a reflection white dot in each rune to give it a brilliant look.

Other thing: Don´t know why, but in the photos the sword seems to be bended, but in real world it is almost perfectly shaped... what means I´m a crappy photographer :D

I still have to paint the eyes and some eldar motifs in the tabard... but I´m still deciding what to do with those.

What do you think of it??


August 2, 2011

War walkers, third walker and group shots

Here, as promised, you got the pictures of my third War Walker and the group shots too.

Close view of the pilot: I´ve changed the main colour of the helmets of my army (white helmet with black faceplate) just cause I don´t want the pilot to take the attention out of the vehicle so I´ve painted the helmet in the main colour of the army and the faceplate white, to add a bit of colour.

Here they are, the full squad in all its glory.

And another shot of the full squad.

Comments and criticism will be welcome.