August 2, 2011

War walkers, third walker and group shots

Here, as promised, you got the pictures of my third War Walker and the group shots too.

Close view of the pilot: I´ve changed the main colour of the helmets of my army (white helmet with black faceplate) just cause I don´t want the pilot to take the attention out of the vehicle so I´ve painted the helmet in the main colour of the army and the faceplate white, to add a bit of colour.

Here they are, the full squad in all its glory.

And another shot of the full squad.

Comments and criticism will be welcome.


1 comment:

CJ said...

Great paint job! love the amount of detail work especially on the scatterlasers.

only downside is the bases they could do with a bit more work (some flock maybe).

But besides that a beautiful addition to your army