July 28, 2011

Eldar War Walkers: first and second.

In the eldar army there are lot of thing that amazes me, Farseers, Warlocks, Wraithlords, Wraithguard, Striking scorpions... and war walkers.

I know people think that they aren´t the best choose point-wise, but I still like them and the huge torrent of fire they are capable of deliver.

I´ve assembled mine with multi-lasers to unleash 24 str 6 shots in a 3 walker unit, but they are eventually armed with whatever I need each battle.

Thing is I´ve played them 2 times, and outflanked them, but they came when the battle was almost finished so I haven´t time to test them properly.

They are painted in my classical shadow grey, black and white scheme.

Of course they got a pair of white stripes as almos any other of my minis.

I don´t know how to finish the base, but soon an idea will come... I know.

I love the new design albeit I still like the old one.

A close-up of the stripes.

Next post: the third one and group shots.



deathkorps said...


Kaughnor said...

any chance we can see a photo of your entire army together?

Nuclear said...

Really like your color scheme, and very nice, clean paint style.

Also, who says WWs aren't good? They are hands down the MVPs of every game I play with my eldar. I only wish I had 6 with Scatter lasers, instead of only 3.

Max said...

Beautiful models sir! War walkers continue to be one of my favorite 40k minis. They're always almost enough to make me want to go Eldar... almost.