July 22, 2011

Eldar first Fire Prism finished.

There is my first finished eldar fire prism.

As you can see the scheme is exactly the same as my wave serpent one but with a black stripe instead of a white one.

As the mini was going to be quite boring and I wanted to add some white details, so I freehanded a stripe in its side, which will be different in each prism not only to add some colour, but to diferentiate them on the battlefield.

In this prism, the strip is a plain one with some "holes" in it, that I think gives the prism kind of a unintentional "tunning" look :D

As ever, the pilot is painted as is iluminated from the control panel.

In the other side I´ve added a spirit stone from the eldar vehicles sprue.

And a close-up of said stone.

And that´s all.

I will be posting the other fire prism soon.

Hope you like it.



CJ said...

Hey grajo looks amazing :)!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Pretty snazzy!

The freehand designs are superb.

Kaughnor said...

The finished product looks great. Any chance you have some photo's of the tank (or any tank) with the tape on? I love the stripe patterns you put on your Eldar vehicles and want to try my hand at it.

For example did you tape the french curve on the white stripe? or was it all free hand? If free hand well done, as you must have had to layer the white paint.

Grajo said...

.- CJ, Old Shatter Hands: Many thanks!!!

.- Kaughnor: the black stripe and the white design were both freehanded.

When I do things like this I ever try to use the model features as a guide for the paint.

Then I outline the other side and after that I paint it.

For example, while painting the white design, I followed the wing´s recesses to make the easier part of it and then I painted the other side while trying to mantain some distance to the other part (so, once used one reference to paint the first line, I use the first line as a reference for the rest).

When I paint the other wave serpent I got primed I´ll make some photos in a step by step way.

ProImperator said...

Very clean! Love the work!

Kaughnor said...

I would really appreciate that. I've attached a link to my first attempt at taping for a clean stripe effect. What struck me was how the model pops when the stripe is not in line with the armour plates of the tank.


Your wave serpent really stands out for the same reason (I thought anyway). With your prism you've taken this effect to another level.

deathkorps said...

Hoo wee! That looks amazing- thanks for posting. Very clean, tight paint job. Love it!

Rob said...

WOW! very clean and neat! i shall have to suck out your brains with a straw and steal you powers of awesome!

Keep it up!


Grajo said...

.- Prolmperator: Yep, I´m trying to paint my eldar cleaner than my other minis (a feat not always achieved, by the way).

.- Kaughnor: Hey, very nice prism!!! how the warp did you painted such a yellow?? I need the recipe!!!

.- Deathkorps: Thank you for reading and commenting, man.

.- Rob: I prefer my brains to stay in its place, maybe someday I will be using it!!! :D