May 4, 2011

Wave Serpent.

I remember when the wave serpent was designed as a boat with a huge shield surrounding his weapons... I´m talking about times when the epic 40000 game was called "Space Marine".

Don´t know why, but I really liked this design, I suppose I liked it for its alien look, but I have to say the actual model is pretty good and fits more the eldar look of today.

The wave serpent is the only decent way the eldar have to transport their troops around the battlefield (no, the warpgates aren´t in the rules and I consider the falcon more as a gunship than a transport) and with the shield and its speed is a decently safe one

The serpent is a fast and gravitic transport so you can zip your troops from one corner of the table to his opposite in a pair of turns, or more turns while firing a heavy weapon, which is a think to consider.

The main role for the wave serpents in my army is to carry a squad of dire avengers and the squad of howling banshees thile providing anti-tank support (with twin linked bright lances).

My wave serpents are totally painted in blue, with a stripe along the main section of the hull that ends in a straight line in the left wing.

The pilot is painted as if the purple lights in the control panel were lighting him, which is a very simple and fast technique to paint the eldar pilots that looks pretty good if done properly.

Hope you like it.



Da Masta Cheef said...

'Hope you like it.'

That I do!

Ricalope said...

loving your color pallet, very sleek job!

Gotthammer said...

Beautiful colours and a great layout - love the asymetry :)

Grajo said...

.- Da Masta Cheef: MAny thanks :)

.- Ricalope: Hehehehe, I thought alot about the palette and did so many tests until I get one that pleased me, but it was worth it.

.- Gotthammer: Many thanks. When I was designing the patter I was trying the most classical saim-hann stripes but I thought that eldar vehicles are asymetric, did a pair of tests and... here we go :D

Rlyehable said...

Very nice indeed. I am currently painting my second Wave Serpent. I to dry-brush my pilot to represent the internal lighting of the cockpit.

Your stripe is excellent! And the color very consistent. Do you use an airbrush or paint by hand? I am having trouble keeping the paint color consistent (I paint by hand, not owning an airbrush).

Also, I will state that your gemstones are very nice. In my first attempt, I painted my gems upside down (assuming the light source is upper left).

Again, a very nice Wave Serpent.