May 19, 2011

Phoenix Lords: Asurmen, the hand of Asuryan.

Today is the turn of the first Phoenix Lord: Asurmen, the hand of Asuryan.

Being the Dire Avengers a good shooting unit, is strange that Asurmen is a CC beast, cause, being realistic, his dual shuriken catapults aren´t Asurmen´s best way to deal with, with his skill, initiative, powers, eternal warrior ability and invulnerable save, it makes thought opponent for almost any unit.

Thing is that, with the current rules, point-wise, is better to include a farseer than a phoenix lord (except for fuegan, in my opinion), but sometimes it will be cool, fun and characterful to add a PL to the army, so I´m slowly painting them.

This mini is a very good mini, but you can notice that is an old mini by looking at his pose, and proportions.

Despite that, the mini is still cool and with tons of details, and is fun to paint, not as fun as fuegan, but fun after all.

I´ve painted it to match my dire avenger scheme, but his left shoulderpad is white and his gems, as fuegan´s, are yellow.

I´ve replaced his HUGE standart and added a weird thing I found in the Dire Avengers´ sprue and will use his standart to make an objective marker.
Comments and criticism are welcome, as ever.



KBelleau said...

I really enjoy the subtle tones you chose for him. Often you see way too much color on this model.

Great Job!

Grajo said...

Yep, I wanted a simple scheme for him, a scheme that fits my craftworld colours.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic attention to detail. I might have made the armor base a darker blue just for the aesthetic indulgence of more contrast, but the scheme looks solid and the technique exceptional. Props in particular for the little personalizations i.e. the white shoulder pad and custom standard.