May 9, 2011

Howling Banshees: First Batch.

Ah, the good ol´banshees, a unit which holds the privilege to be one of the masters of CC (mistress in this particular case).

With his initiative, his abilities and a power weapon you can expect the banshees to cause so much pain and discomfort in the heavy armored infantry of the enemy, the only issue is their low strenght, which can be compensated by powers from a supporting farseer or adding jain zar to the squad, but the latter solution is a bit pricy.

The case is that the banshees are usually painted in brownish colours, but I prefer my banshees to fit a bit more with the "ghostly" look that the aspect name implies, so I painted them white with clothes and crest in blue, which I think gives them the proper phantasmal look although a bit dirty.

Here they are.

Here you can see the crest and tabard colours.

A pair of banshees.

The swords are painted metallic and heavy washed with asurmen blue.

As almost every one in my craftworld, except for the characters, their gems are purple and red.

Here is the exarch with dual sabres.

I have to wash with badad black the space marine helmet in the base.

A detail of the mask and the sword.

Hope you like it.



j.diaz said...

Awesome job on the Banshees! I'm liking how you're keeping a similar palette on all your units.

I'm building an Eldar army too. Check out my blog:

Got you on my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love the banshees! How did you get the colours?

Drybrushed white+highlights over a black base? I want to try something similar for my own banshees. My reapers are drybrushed bone/white/grey and have a similar aesthetic to you're banshees. But, I actually painted them 4 years ago and cannot quite remember what I actually did. Help would be appreciated :)