May 7, 2011

Objective Marker.

Here is my first objective marker for the eldar: a Wraithlord sword stuck into stone, like a giant future elven excalibur.

I didn´t thought about some history to fit this objective marker or make some planning and designing of it, I jus saw the wraithsword while cutting the wraithlords out their sprues and started to play with the spare bits, added a bit of a bright lance to the bottom of the blade and a bit of a heavy weapon to the bottom of the latter, and with a spare bit of polystyrene and a spare monster base it came together.

I´m still thinking what to do in the marker to make it "come to life" and add a bit more of character to it, I will paint the "rune" in the blade and try to add a directional source of light to the rock from the sword.

P.D.: I also played with the glue and the sand in the base, that is why there are "waves" in it.

What do you think?.



Gotthammer said...

I agree that having the blade glowing ever so slightly would really enhance the piece.
Still, great concept :)

Sigismund said...

Neat objective marker!

Grajo said...

.- Gotthammer: Yep, this way seems a bit... flavourless...
Thanks :D

.- Sigismund: Thanks mate.