May 23, 2011

Present for a friend: BA Librarian Dreadnought.

Hi all, this post is about a present we did for a friend.

Thing is in my gaming group there is a guy that is the most enthusiastic person I´ve ever played with, he loves the fluff he loves the miniatures, he loves the game, he loves the other 40k based games... but he hates to paint the minis and remove the mould lines (his minis gain +1 armor due the high amount of armour :) ), so some friends are painting his minis, slow but purposefuly, pun intended.

His birthday was the previous week, so we bought him a stormraven and a libby dreadnought, a friend painted the SR and I built and painted the dreadnought.

The very moment you open the kit and see the sprues, you realize that it is a miniature you will enjoy building and painting, first of all, the three sarcophagus are a great idea, that let you easily build one of the three frames available for the Blood Angels.

Apart from this, the sprue is filled with icons, detailed parts and options that you can use, so it is the best dreadnought kit until now, on par with the space marine venerable dreadnought kit.

The other thing that surprised me in the good sense of "surprise" are the power fists.

There are two possibilities while setting the "fingers", in 90 degrees scheme or in a more hand-like design, with three fingers one near the other and the last one in front of the middle one, like an opposable thumb.

Apart from this you can put standard fingers on it or the dreaded blood claws, which, removing the little drop of blood in the base of the claw, are pretty good to use in a space wolves dread (indeed this claws are exactly like the old metal Bjorn dread CCW).

I´ve assembled it with the force weapon, the dreadnought power fist and a meltagun so it is suited to kill monsterous creatures, powered armour guys and vehicles (almost the whole 40k unit spectrum).

The dread was primed black with a GW spray, the basecoat is foundation mechrite red.
Then I carefully drybrushed blood red and after this I light drybrushed blazing orange, aplying the last highlights with the same blazing orange.

That was done AFTER a chainmail coat heavy washed with badab black was applied.

The seals, papers and wings were painted with foundation Dheneb Stone, then highlighted with vallejo´s silvergrey and the final highlights were done with vallejo white, the same white technique I use in my Eldar.

The sarcophagus was painted with shadow grey, washed with asurmen blue in the recesses, light drybrushed with vallejo grey blue, highlighted with the same vallejo grey blue and for the final highlights the prominent areas were painted with Americana baby blue.
This is the same technique I used in my eldar, which gives a darker look to the blues.

As my friend´s company is the fifth, I hand painted a "V" in the right leg cover and every blood drop with has a red background is painted black (the company symbols is a single black blood drop) and any other painted red.

The next post will be the stormraven painted by a friend.

Tell me what you think about it.



Warflake said...

It's a lovely paint job. The only thing that I would do differently is give it a wash. But then some people like that and some people don't. But really beautifully painted mate well done. He'll be really pleased.

Profesor Negativo Junior said...

And you call that Optimus Prime!! That sucks, mister! XD

Captcha is "Nessi", the Argentinian-scottish soccer striker rarely seen at Loch Ness...

Grajo said...

.- Many thanks mate.
It is washed but just selectively, in the recesses, cause it helps to give deep to the mini but keeping it bright.

.- PNJ: Remember, I know where do you live... and the best is... your girl will open me the door freely so I can wait for you inside :P