May 30, 2011

Present for a friend: BA Stormraven Gunship.

Hi all, Do you remember my previous post?

Well, today I am going to show you the BA stormraven painted by my friend In Cavda Venenum from Maestros del Capitulo.

He built the stormraven as it is in the box, except for the huge blood angels symbols, that are so thick that they are a piece that gives the model the sense of "plastic toy" that every painter tries to avoid.

He has painted it priming the thing two times, one prime with black and the other with a primer from an army painter spray called dragon red, if memory serves me well... that is a thing my memory don´t uses to do.

Thing is with this two layers of primer the shadows get obscured while giving a nice base coat of red to the mini.

After this the mini has been drybrushed with blood red, to give it a more bright look.

The metallics are painted with the usual inks technique.

He inked the inner part of the crystals, and it looks good, but the pictures doesn´t do justice to the effect he achieved.

There you can see it.

My friend painted smoke dirt in line with the missiles, which gives a nice weathered look along with all the dirt trails painted in the hull, which adds a more realistic look to the whole mini.

This is a picture of the stormraven and the dreadnought together so you can see the full present we gave this friend.

And this is the whole present with a tactical squad of this same friend being painted by in cavda venenum.

Yep, they are eleven troopers cause there is an infiltrated guy painted by another friend.

And this is all for now, next posts... Warlocks.

Hope you liked it.

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