May 31, 2011

Warlocks: the first two.

In games-workshop there are lots of groups of miniatures, there are miniatures that cannot stand the pass of time, there are miniatures that being new are awful, and there are miniatures that are so well designed that are in production twenty year after they were first released, that is the case of the eldar warlocks.

The eldar warlocks are so cool miniatures, of course you can see that they are old, but they still got this edge of coolness that make people around the world paint them using the latter techniques that makes the warlock outstand over newer minis (indeed, almost every mini you can buy now is newer than the eldar warlocks).

Not only they are cool, but they are from a time in which lots of miniatures were released for a single entry in the book so we had two warlocks with laspistol (one with a spear and the other one with a sword), one with deer horns in the helmet, one with a huge spear, one standing with his sword resting in the ground (the one with the pelt in his back) and one charging with a two handed sword.
After this a pair more were released, the ´lock aiming his shuriken pistol and the one which sword has to be glued (the first of them that came in two pieces).
And despite they have all this minis for a single concept... every mini is a great mini.

Today I will introduce you to the first two I´ve painted for my new eldar army, the warlock that is swinging his sword and the one with the huge spear.

This minis are painted with almost the same colours as my craftworld, but in a kinda darker scheme, that is cause I´ve not applied the last highlight in Americana Baby blue.

They were primed with GW Chaos Black.
Painted with GW Shadow Grey.
Heavy washed with GW Asurmen Blue.
Drybrushed with GW Shadow Grey.
Drybrushed with Vallejo Grey Blue.
Highlighted with Vallejo Grey Blue.

The whites and blacks are painted as ever.

I struggled finding the colour of the witchblades/spears, but soon I realized that being darker eldar than the usual one painting the witchblade white will do two tricks, the first is have a lot of contrast with the rest of the mini and the second is that the blades look as if they were made out of wraithbone.

The gem in the chest and the eyelenses are painted purple, like every other mini in my army, and the other gems are painted purple and red at random.

Hope you like them.



Rob said...

You are correct, the Warlocks are fantastic miniatures despite how old they are!
You've done a nice job on them too.

Grajo said...


Many thanks mate.