June 2, 2011

Warlocks: the oldest warlock miniatures.

This warlocks were the first of them all, they where among the first released batch of warlocks, they are minis from 1990 so they are very old.

As you can see they aren´t wielding the standard shuriken catapult, they come from a time in which the eldar had access to powerfists and some other weaponery so they are wielding the old laspistol.

I really like the crests of both of them, just for the flavour it adds to both miniatures.

They were painted as the previous warlocks.

Hope you like´em.



Fuzzbuket said...

i dread the day when these are replaced ! 21 years old and still one of the nicest models out there!

Grajo said...

Yep :)

When GW decide to change them, the replacing minis should be awesome or we old gamers will feel that the future new minis doesn´t do the trick.