June 13, 2011


This is a mini I´ve been caring of through the years, I bought it long before it was discontinued and was well kept in my miniatures lot until now, that I can give it a proper paintjob.

Most of 40k gamers of today has never seen this mini before, but well... until some years ago it was the only farseer available apart from Eldrad Ulthran (this and the other without helmet, but I´ve never seen the latter ever).

I´ve painted it to fit my warlocks scheme, but the lack of the white faceplate makes it outstand among the warlocks.
This and the huge insectoid eyelenses, that I´ve painted purple as any other eyelenses in my army.

I´ve tried to create a blue flowing energy line effect in the helmet.

I know his arms are a bit shorter than they should be, but I still love this mini and his organic look, that is a thing that eldar has been missing through the years.

Don´t know why, but in my opinion, this is still a impressive miniature, maybe is the retro look or that it is an eldar miniature which don´t look as the eldar folk of today.

Here is the farseer with his retinue.

What do you think about it?