June 6, 2011

Warlocks: the spiritseers.

This aren´t really warlocks, they are the farseers released when the 3rd edition eldar codex and the craftworlds expansion came to light.

They aren´t the best eldar psyker miniatures, but still I like´em and will be used as spiritseers for my army thanks to the different look and because this minis looks more relaxed and less combat-oriented than the other eldar psyker miniatures, and his tunic is longer, which gives this minis a tranquility look that I like.

As you can notice, every psyker in my eldar army has a light brown poach, I think this helps to unify the psykers look and to take them a bit apart of the regular troopers of the army.
And gives the look of being standard psyker equipment, maybe a rune poach, or the bag where the soulgems of fallen warriors are stored until the host comes back to the Craftworld.

A picture so you can see the faceplates are a bit different from the warlocks´ .

Comments and criticism is ever welcome.



Radical Edward said...

Hey man, these look great! These are actually my favorite Farseers out there, and they're WYSIWYG. I hope to get my hands on some soon.

Grajo said...

The guy that isn´t aiming the pistol is one of my favourites too.