June 9, 2011

Warlocks the final batch.

Today I´m going to share with you four warlocks, because two of them are the same model of the first batch of warlocks I posted, so I don´t want to make another post of them.

The other warlocks are the one that came in two pieces, which is resting with his sword in his hands and the other is the one that has deer horns in the helmet.

The one with the sword is nice, cause is a new casting which fits the old warlock look, and that gives me the idea that GW still loves the eldar (which once upon a time where the golden army, with more love from GW than the now omnipresent Space Marines), and this is a nice thing to know.

The other mini has a little history upon it, it was inherited by me from a friend, who painted it in a very good biel-tan scheme, but the time and uncaring transportation make a mess of the paint so I stripped the paint and repainted it in my craftworld scheme, but probably it was bought around 1993 so it is not only an old concept but an old miniature too.

This probably happens with some more of my warlocks, but since they were unpainted I cannot recall what mini was bought when.

I have also painted the last two warlocks, that are the same miniatures as the two depicted in my first post so they will be included here.

Here is a picture of the warlocks in this post, the warlocks of the first post and the repeated miniatures:

They totally fit one another, Right?



Da Masta Cheef said...
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Da Masta Cheef said...

The variation of crystals is a nice subtle change in which to tell the redundant models apart if needs be.

Joel said...

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Grajo said...

.- Da Masta Cheef: That is why I did this, this way the minis still fit one another but are recognisable.