June 16, 2011

Eldrad Ulthran.

And today´s post is for... Eldrad Ulthran.

The first among equals, Eldrad is the ultimate farseer, with every option, knowing every power and being able to cast three powers each turn, eldrad becomes a support monster for any eldar army, but this is not all, he can relocate 1d3+1 units at the beginning of the game and his witchblade (that wounds on 2+) ignore armour saves too.

He is totally a monster, not in close combat but fortune/guiding your units as well as dooming enemy´s, which is what farseers are purchased for.

A detail of the helmet and runic armor.

A detail of the helmet and the staff, one of the most iconic eldar equipment ever.

A shot from his back, I still need an avatar to make the classic Avatar/Eldrad combo.

As in the farseer, I´ve tried to create kind of a flowing line of energy in the recess of the helmet, I´m not sure I´ve successed in it, but i still like so much the effect.

Hope you like it.



oni said...

Wow! That is fantastic.

Nuclear said...

I just painted up eldrad for my army. Gotta say he was a blast to paint-so much detail for such a old model. The entire really old eldar range that is still in production holds up really well actually.

Kaughnor said...

Man I just found your blog and love it. I really dig your smooth painting style. One question, on your highlights are you dry brushing and adding layered highlights?

I started Eldar a year ago (after returning from 2nd edition) and jumped right into an Alaitoc paint scheme. I wish I had done as you and created a unique and uniform look.

Another question, I see that you do a lot of double striping on your models for detail work and I take it that is free hand. On your wave serpent though, you add the double stripe, was that taped or free handed? I really like the pattern on your wave serpent at any rate.

Keep up the good work.

Grajo said...

.- Oni: Thanks mate :)

.- Nuclear: Indeed, the old minis of the eldar range are impresively detailed and still very good miniatures, If they want to do a new range for the eldar they will have to do it pretty well.

.- Kaughnor: Thanks and welcome!!
I thought to paint them in a saim hann style, but I preferred to invent my own craftworld so I can try a set of colours, and I like it pretty much.
The stripes are free handed in all my minis but the serpent, I taped it and painted it white, but I recently painted a pair of prism cannons (post pending) and free handed the stripes.

Vitor said...

Nice painting dude, also just found your blog. Your gems are wicked.