July 9, 2011

Eldar Fire Prisms WIP.

A glimpse on my current WIP: a pair of eldar fire prisms.

This is just the prism, I wanted to give it an uncommon feeling, kind of a trapped universe inside the prism... that is an effect I think I haven´t achieved but still I´m proud of the effect :D

The chipped paint in the corners are where the other plastic part should be, if you prime the prism part, the kit will not fit perfectly.

More pics soon.



deathkorps said...

Looks fantastic! Be sure to post completed pics of the Fire Prism

Tim said...

Gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished. I love it when painters go the extra step and create something unique like this.

What colors did you use for this?

HOTpanda said...

Would love to see a tutorial on how you painted these. They look great.

Grajo said...

.- Deathkorps: Thanks mate.
Don´t worry, my next posts will be about the prisms.

.- Old Shatter Hands: Heh, thanks, I thought the trasparent prism was kind of boring.
Black primer, GW Leviathan Purple, Vallejo purple and vallejo pink (those are the names of the colours)
And vallejo white after that.

.- HOTpanda: hmmm the tutorial thing is a good idea, but since I painted both prisms I think we got to wait until I buy a third or do the tutorial in another thing...