July 26, 2011

Second Fire Prism finished.

And here it is the second fire prism.

In this prism the white stripe is like a wave with a dot in each wave, don´t know where did i get the idea, but I like it so much.

And I think this stripes thing helps improve my freehanding skills.

There are the two prism one besides the other.

Comments and criticism will be welcome as ever.



CJ said...

only comment is that you ahve your shurikan cannon mounted upside down :)

looks great just like the other one great free hand!

Anonymous said...

I like seeing painting styles similar to mine, clean and neat.

I see too much lacklustre painting hidden behind layer upon layer of weathering.

I really like these dude, you've done a great job of getting the feel of the Eldar, very nice work :)

Capn Stoogey.

deathkorps said...

Fantastic work! What's next for your Eldar?

Grajo said...

.- CJ: Heh, yeah, I know, but I prefer it this way, don´t know really why :)

.- Captn Stoogey: Yep, I don´t want my eldar to look old and weathered so I painted clean and crisp.
And thanks :D

.- Deathkorps: Thanks. The next are three War Walkers and after those, the Avatar.