July 14, 2011

Eldar Autarch´s Standart WIP.

Today i´ll show you one of my current WIP´s, an autarch´s standart.

As the main colours of my army are Shadow grey wit black and white, I´ve decided to paint one banner white and one banner black so it fits the look of my army.

The first part is a depiction of a exploding star and the second is the symbol of my craftworld (a dragon around a planet) with some eldarih glyph.

That is the actual status of the thing, because I don´t know what to paint in the other side (the side painted is the side that faces backwards).

I have a little idea, and here it is.

Is a purpleish depiction of a galaxy, maybe it is the galaxy as seen by the eldar.

And... in the white flag of the banner? Any ideas?

And... in the other banner? Any ideas?

P.S.: Sorry, it auto-published too soon :S



Drkmorals said...

I really like the white one so far it looks sharp man.

deathkorps said...

Wow, gorgeous!

Grajo said...

.- Drkmorals: I tried to get it clean since is an Eldar banner :D

.- Deathkorps: Many thanks :)