July 20, 2011

WIP: Eldar Fire Prisms turret.

Here is the prisms turret finished.

I´ve painted both turrets before going at it with the hull of the tanks.

The prism is painted as you saw in a previous post, but I still don´t know how to paint the white in the prism tip.... Jewel-like? Just in the tip? As the rest of the prism?.

There is a close view of the prism, a part that is a huge pain in the back to glue and make it fit.

I´ve painted the cabin as I painted the wave serpent one, as the pilot were highlighted from the control panel.

And ... there are the turrets of both prisms I´m painting.

Next post: the finished first prism.



deathkorps said...

Those look dead sexy!

Kaughnor said...

wow, the extra effort painting the crystals really paid off. I unfortunately inserted the crystals sans paint and regret it after looking at your work.

Fayte said...

I'm very impressed! They look awesome!
How did you get the paint to stick so well on the crystals and yet keep the translucent feature?

Grajo said...

.- Deathkorps: Thanks :)

.- Kaughnor: well, you still can patiently paint them, but it will be harder than if the crystal was painted before.

.- Fayte: Thanks. I primed them black and then painted over it so it is not translucent but totally opaque :)