October 11, 2017

Karchev the Terrible part 7: Finished

And here is the guy, finished!!

After I painted him I realized maybe it would be better if I painted him totally red, but this way it
fits better with the scheme of the whole army and I like very much how it turned out.

Hehehehe, the axe is maybe a bit small 

In the left pauldron, as it seemed to be quite empty, I did an easy pattern in a darker grey.

This case exemplifies why I always post two pairs of photos, one lighter (to see the model better) and the other darker (to see better the airbrush job):

And a photo in which you can take a better look at the head

It was a relatively easy conversion and I think it turned out pretty well, I like very much the results and I expect to field this dude a lot, since is my favourite caster in the whole faction (we´ll have to see the new witch of khador atop the huge walking house but I doubt Karchev´s position as favourite will be compromised)


stats said...

What a smooth and neat painting!great job I really like the head, and red with light blue fits well.

AsaltoRabioso Lleida said...

really nice job!! :D

Grajo said...

@stats: Thank you very much!! I think it fits the army without giving up totally its studio look :)

@AsaltoRabioso Lleida: Many thanks mate!!!