August 5, 2010


In this post I´m gonna talk about my (at the moment) only HQ for my tau army.

The Shas´XX (where xx is "O" or "El" depending the needs).

I don´t have a name for him at the moment, but... soon I´ll have it.

This guys was built knowing the actual vehicle rage in the game, and is equipped with a Missile Pod for long range anti light vehicle and a Fusion Blaster for Short (very short, indeed) antivehicular power.

I´ll usually equip him with the proper fatigues to survive the short range "environment", and will have a 2+ armour save with feel no pain and a shield generator, as well as a multitracker and sometimes a computer for a +1 BS.

And of course... a pair of shield drones to keep this high priced piece of plaststeel alive as much as they can.

What I expect of this guy: Taking vehicles, light ones with missiles and heavier vehicles with the plasma, as well as survive as much as possible with all the upgrades he will be awarded with.And as ever... keep the morale of my guys high.
I also expect him to JSJ to death and not be charged, but this is only a hope.

The question is... Solo or with XV-8 guards?

What I don´t expect of him: Survive every battle while having to take tanks from near.

And here is the man... the alien, I mean.

He has some markings in red, this is cause I´m going to assembly and paint about four battlesuited HQ´s and every battlesuited HQ will be painted with markings of different colour, one red, one blue, one yellow, etc...

- Red: Missile pod/Fusion blaster (this guy)
- Blue: Missile pod/Plasma Rifle
- Yellow: Fusion blaster/Plasma Rifle
- Orange or grey: Anti-infantry HQ (mine projector, ciclonic blaster and flamethrower in some combination)
- Purple: Farsight.

And now... the photos.

The guy... a Forgeworld model, slightly converted (I will explain it later in the post).

I´m pretty proud of the position, like surveying the battlefield searching for objectives.

The stone is a piece of a cork from a bottle of wine... I think.

A detail of the optics and mark of the chest.

A photo showing the back (notice the custom made ankle-strengthers... a tutorial about this will be posted)
Another photo.

The ankle piece.
The weapons are conversions (very easy ones).
The arm is a standard forgeworld battlesuit arm, but the weapons are plastig gw ones cut and filed out a bit.
This one is a Missile pod, the round drum-like thing is the back part of a cicloblaster and the laser sight thing of the bottom is part of a tau flamethrower.
This one is a plastic Fusion blaster, which plasma deposit was filed and glued to the back part of the arm.
Do you like it??

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