September 6, 2010

Space Hulk dead marine (objective marker #1)

Today a Space Hulk dead marine and a bit of story.

Long time ago, when I was (more) young, my group of friends played a game called "Dark age of camelot", we were all paladins and with a bit of munchkinism we were a very nice group of fanatic almost-unkillable warriors.

We founded a guild called "CUSTOS FIDIS" (guardians of the faith) and out colours were unpainted plate and blueish-white blue cape with a winged cup in the middle.

The thing is that when we were about to play W40K a friend of mine (Firlesnes from Maestros del capitulo told me that he was going to make a revival of our guild in the form of space marines, and I thought that it was a great idea.

We tried white, almost white, more than white, whiteish, not so white and cuasi-white and we weren´t totally happy with the results so now he has Imperial Fists and me... well, Raven Guard,you know.

Time passed by and I have improved my painting skills and ordered from a bits page the dead marine of the space hulk tabletop game and I did my try, because our attempt to revive our ancient guild should not be forgotten.

And of course, the mini is full of cups everywhere, which gave me the last push to try it.

And that´s the reason my Raven Guard will fight to recover the dead body and ancient armour of "Lhottar The Redeemer" (the name of my old paladin of the custos fidis guild).

It was primed white, then washed with badab black, cleaned with vallejo silvergrey and hightlighted with vallejo white.
The blue is vallejo´s turquoise, highlighted with vallejo light turquoise and re-highlighted with a 3/2 of vallejo bluegreen and white.
The golds are vallejo brass, badab black washed and highlighted with vallejo gold.
The yellow is foundation yellow, vallejo flat yellow and highlighted with 3/2 flat yellow and white.
The last thing is... How should I make the base?
I think I will try some kind of ruined building floor, but still I´m not sure.. Any ideas?

Hope you like it.


Siph_Horridus said...

How about a base like mine, simple does it - and then being in a building, it is more believable than a throne out in the open!

Deadmeat said...

Maybe you should place it on some sort of platform with a wall behind it. Kinda like what a Throne Room would look like.

Grajo said...

I think both your ideas will be merged into something... I have a mental sketch but I am still thinking about it... many thanks mates.

Profesor Negativo Junior said...

This story is stupid and untrue!! Everybody knows that Custos Fidis was not an all-paladin guild. Actually it was a Mighty Fire Wizzard with an army of will absent minions!!!
Follow the stick! Beware of the "interesting damage" aura!!