September 1, 2010

Aajz Solari: Shadow Captain of the Second Company

Ahhhh, the Assault on Black Reach Captain, a real delight to paint and look at.

He will be my Shadow Captain Aajz Solari, the captain of the Raven Guard Second Company.

As explained in the codex Captain Solari is leading the efforts of two dozens of chapters against the Leviathan fleet tyranid invasion, what makes him in the guy with more space marines at his command... I suppose.
I will be using him as Sicarius as well as an standard captain with relic blade and sometimes with storm shield as well (nice and unexpensive combo).

He will be leading from the front charging whatever needs to be charged and inspiring anyone whose faith in victory is broken.

At the first moment I was going to convert him, adding some plasma fun, but decided to keep him unconverted (apart from the commander backpack, of course) because I really like this mini as well as my converting skills are not as good as I want them to be :D

This mini was painted about two weeks ago, but it wasn´t until yesterday I put the symbols on his shoulderpads, only to make him more characterful.

And there he is... the Shadow Captain:

I tried to make him a lot more Black/White than the previous paintjob, that had a lot of red everywhere.

I don´t know why I put the red line tatooed in his face, but i like it.

I think his cloak needs some freehand, but I´ll keep it this way until my freehand skills are upgraded... a lot :D
The guy with his Command Squad.

A cenital photo of them.

Bonus: I found a photo of the previous paintjob:

Hope you like it.



jcroxford said...

I like it, and the tattoo as well. A very striking model.

Deadmeat said...

Very nice. I was going to use the Eagle Backpack on my Captain as well.

the-seventh-son said...

that is a beautiful command squad and captain, you should be very proud!

i am very envious of how pristene your white is!

if you have the time, come along and have a look at my blog at:

Grajo said...

Many thanks guys.

The eagle backpack is a must in this guy, it seems that was designed for him.

Hmmmm, maybe I should post a how-to-paint-clean-white tutorial... seriously.

Russell said...

I absolutely love the way you did this model, very striking impressive. I recently started 40k as Raven Guard and had been agonizing over how to paint the Black Reach captain, but after seeing this I know just what to do. Many kudos.

And a how to paint white tutorial would be very helpful. It's been quite a pain for me the few times I've tried.