December 29, 2011

Vanguard veterans squad B: First batch.

Hello there!!!.

Here is a pic of the first batch of my second Raven Guard Vanguard Veterans squad.

The non-Mk-6 helmets are a bit sandy, thanks to the GW white primer...



Deadestdai said...

Instead of "Sandy" think "textured" instead. :)

They all look pretty darn good. Let's see some more RG eh?

Snake88 said...

Nice work as always. I've noticed the same problem with my Skull White primer. What exacly is it that causes it to go 'sandy'?

Sylvos said...

Those look very well done. I'm a fan of the Vanguard Veterans! Kudos on the Corvus armor too!

Charles M. Towsend said...

From what I've read, the problem is that the GW White Skull Primer is much thicker tan the Chaos Black Primer and it dries out as soon as you spray with it, eeven before the paint lands on the mini, leaving that sandy and grindy look.
There's two things You can do to prevent this. First, shake the can like two minutes to dilute the paint properly, and second, leave the can in the freezer ten minutes to cold the paint and prevent it to dry when spraying the mini.

Grajo said...

.- Deadstai: Hehehehe, is a point of view, but when you are painting a mini and discover the "textured" areas you start to swear so in this moment this is $@€&ing sand!!! :D

Snake88: It varies from can to can, I have one in my house that gives a perfect and smooth layer of white.
To avoid it as much as possible is very advisable to shake it long and hard.

Sylvos: Many thanks, and the corvus armour is a much desired thing due to the fluff of the raven guard.

.- Townsend: Hey, man, long time no see. Yep, I´ve heard the freezer tip before, but I haven´t tried it yet. You tried?? It really works??