November 28, 2011

Chaos Warlord: present for Elahir.

Here we are again.

As you know, cause I´ve commented you in previous posts: we are entering the fantasy thing.

As you shouldn´t know, my blogmate doesn´t write anything there cause the job brought him to another city in Spain and he is working, training and studying at the very same time, he had a hard exam and after this came to Madrid for a weekend to see his family and to see us a bit.

Thing is that I know that he want to paint, play, roleplay, etc... as ever but his time shrunk since the whole multitasking started so I wanted to give him a mini as a present.

Being a chaos player to the bone (a kornish one indeed) I recalled that the chaos warlord mini from games day 09 will be perfect for my plans so I stopped my ogres chain production and put myself to work in this dude.

I know he is the khorne kind of player but having asked the scheme for his future army and not having any firm response I started to paint it and used a scheme that will fit most of the khornish armies.

In the armour and shield I´ve used boltgun, then badab black, then a bit of devlan mud to give the armour a more "dirty" look, and then I highlighted it with mithril silver.

The gold is shimmering gold, gryphonne sepia and at last, highlighted with shining gold.

The fur is bleached bone, inked with ogryn flesh, then bleached bone again and the las highlight was made hair by hair with skull white.

The skulls were painted with vallejo deneb stone, a wash of gryphonne sepia, a very light wash of devlan mud, highlight with deneb stone and the final highlight was done with a pair of layers of thinned down pure white.

And the two things I like more of this mini:

The horns: I painted the horns as games-workshop tells you to do so, so I painted it with a dark brown and highlighted it with sucessive lighter lines and I like a lot the results.

The other thing is the gem he is sporting, I´ve painted it with vallejo turquoise, then vallejo light turquoise, then vallejo green blue, after this I 50/50 mixed the green blue and white and finally some light reflections with pure white.

This is part of an idea I had: to paint an HQ for each of my mates.

What do you think about this dude???



Da Masta Cheef said...

Looks awesome as per your usual!

Somófrates said...

Your skills keep growing and your work is quite inspiring.


Elahir said...

I love the mini ^^ it's great looking and it will be the first one of the army. Many thanks!

It was so inspiring that when I got it I decided I was time to get back into the hobby so I have retaken the berzerker army project. I have limited supplies here in Malaga but the first squad is almost ready, now it just needs a good leader.

I plan to have it ready before the end of the year but I said the very same thing one year ago. You know, time is not the same in the warp ;)

Michael Hogan said...

Great job on the painting. I picked up this model and I'm just waiting to paint it for my skills to improve, at least close to yours.

Tim said...

Saw you got on FTW's spotlight for this model. Congratulations. Well deserved.

Oh I am Old Shatter Hands, changed my blogger name...just so you know.

Grajo said...

.- Da masta cheef: Many thanks mate.

.- Somofrates: Heh, many thanks, It means a lot coming from you.

.- Elahir: Hehehehe, this was part of my plan, to rise again the wargaming craving on you :D

.- Michael Hogan: Many thanks. You don´t need great skills to paint as me, is only a matter of knowing how to ink the minis properly :D

.- Tim: Why?? Old Shatter Hands was a great name and absolutely identifying on you!!!